Paltoons Launches Online Comic Strip & Cartoon Creation Website


Guadalajara, Jalisco -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/18/2015 --Paltoons is pleased to announce the launch of, an online comic strip and cartoon creation website. The site is fully operational in its current English version, and has future plans to release the platform on multiple languages to include Spanish, Italian and French, for global functionality.

Paltoons is an interactive tool that invites artists and creators to explore their creativity by composing their own comic strips and cartoons for a variety of contexts. Users are able to create their own stories online using different scenes, characters, and objects to create their own comic strips. With just a few simple clicks users can bring their cartoon ideas to life. The website allows anyone to create their own comic strip or cartoon, and share with friends, family and other users globally. Users can share their creation by email, download, and through the Facebook Connect functionality for easy friend tag and share with Facebook friends. Users can utilize props and materials from thousands of contributing users globally, from within the online community. With convenient features such as adding or deleting elements, keyword search capability for easy searching of needed props, the ability to perform background changes and rotate elements, users can be inspired to tell their story in a visual way that is truly unique.

Sergio Garcia, creator of Paltoons states "The aim of the site is to democratize the creation of cartoons and comic strips. One important reason for creating the site was to enable people to easily share stories and jokes with their friends in a more visual manner without having to be graphic designers." Users are able to add text, dialogues, and add up to six frames. The comic strip creation tool invites artists to upload prop designs into the community library. Additionally, artists can quote and negotiate the price for users' custom prop needs. The more artists contribute to the library, and the more their props are used, the higher they will rank in the leader board. Artists are encouraged to provide bios and a link to their website so that users that like their art can contact them to order customized work.

The company is currently adding new content to their online comic strip/cartoon creation website, and have been in discussions with developers and publishers to bring more features, highlights and templates to the online system. "We have plans to offer contests and big rewards to the top contributing artists. Several of these initiatives are still a work in progress, but we are sure you'll like them" adds Garcia. The website was made possible thanks to the effort of talented web developers Nicolas Riche and Ian Hunter.

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