Allstate Debt Consolidation Explains How Consumers Can Boost Their Credit Rating

In a recently published article, Allstate Debt Consolidation shows people how they can rebuild their credit scores with some simple tips.


Hackensack, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/21/2015 --A credit score shows potential lenders how credit worthy a person is. A person with a good score will receive a lower rate on loans, mortgages, debt consolidation plans and other financial products. If a score is lower, lending institutions will often still give the person a loan; however, they will charge a higher interest rate. Therefore, it's important for consumers to maintain good credit to get the best deal possible. If a credit rating is low, there are a few things that a person can do to improve it.

The first thing to do is pay bills on time. That's an obvious one. Bills that are paid on time are going to reflect well on anyone's credit score. An added bonus is that when a bill is paid on time the person is actually saving money. Late bills are frequently charged late fees and those fees can really add up.

If a person has several credit cards it's important to keep them all paid up as much as possible. The lower debt to credit ratio, the better the credit scores will be. A person who is late on one payment may not have a big ding in their credit score, but if they are late on several payments or on all of their credit cards, they may have a poor credit score. Pay them on time and keep the balances as close to paid off as possible to help improve the credit score.

Showing consistency in paying bills in a timely fashion is important to a credit score. When bills are consistently paid late a person is considered a risk to loan money to and therefore will be denied more credit or charged more in interest and fees.

Another way to improve a credit score is to make several payments to the lenders per month. Instead of one payment, make two. This way a person is showing that they are paying down their debt consistently. It is a good way to improve a credit score. It also helps to continually reduce the interest as the balance that is factored in to the interest charge will be continually going down.

Pay off all credit cards or bills that have a balance of under $100. Whenever possible avoid making payments on something that is $100 or less, simply pay it off. This looks better on a credit score and will reflect well on the person.

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More tips for better credit include…

Avoid canceling older cards, instead simply pay them off and don't use them. That way the line of credit is still open and will show that the person has a better debt to credit ratio. This will help credit ratings tremendously and goes a long way towards boosting scores.

Keep in mind that a bad debt will remain on the credit report for up to 7 years. Credit companies will do everything in their power to collect on said payments. To improve credit scores try to avoid bad debts and get everything paid off as quickly as possible.

This may involve working a second job for a short period of time to get bills caught up. Keep in mind, it's only for a short time and it will greatly improve the credit score to get debts paid off. This is one technique that can that does more than most others to bring debt down and get credit scores moving up again.

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