Workshop Teaches Small Business Owners How to Sell a Million Copies of Information Products to Corporations May 16

San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/03/2006 -- Small business owners, speakers, consultants, and coaches struggling with creative ways become an author and reap bigger financial rewards than the average writer can learn how to sell millions of copies of their information products at a daylong seminar on May 16.

It will be from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the District of Columbia Bar Association in downtown Washington, DC.

Participants will discover how to easily create an information product from what they already know, leverage a single product into several formats, and sell millions of copies to corporate and non-profit buyers. The day also includes ways to spend no money on production, get others to do product fulfillment, and have clients market your business.

“We’re seeing people quickly and easily generate their first information product from ideas they already have,” says Paulette Ensign of . “From an information product like a tips booklet, they magically leverage it into three or more hard copy and digital formats, often spending no out-of-pocket money on product development.”

Selling single copies of books, booklets, CDs, DVDs, and other information products to the end user is a slow and tedious way to make any real money, much less have a ton of fun doing it. Yet many speakers, life coaches, consultants, and small business owners go that route every day from their web site, speaking engagements, consulting practice, and trade show booths. They are thrilled with one less carton of hard copy product in their office or garage.

Cost of the workshop is $597. For more information, see

Editors: You may use the tips below, along with contact information for the workshop.

8 Steps to Selling Millions of Your Info Products to Corporations

1. Capture the sound bites of information you’ve said to clients and prospects, into a notebook or a computer file.
2. Organize the tips into categories, along with an introductory paragraph and your contact information.
3. Have a graphic designer format and design your tips file to create a 3 ½” x 8 ½” tips booklet when printed by an offset printing company.
4. Consider corporations, associations, publications, and any other group who can benefit from using your booklet to help promote their own product, service, or cause.
5. Send them a sample of your booklet and a cover letter describing some of the ways they can increase their sales or further their cause by using your booklet as a promotional tool.
6. Develop other products like audio CDs, DVDs, card decks, and downloadable versions of your hard copy products from your booklet.
7. Realize that every time one of the large-quantity buyers sends out your booklet to promote their own product, service, or cause, they are also marketing your business.
8. Enjoy the expansion of your customer base and your checking account as you reach larger audiences than you can do single-handedly, thanks to the large-quantity buyers of your info products. And you have been paid by your buyers to reach those new people.

Paulette Ensign, who has personally sold over a million copies of her own tips booklet without spending a penny on advertising, will be teaching these and other tips at a day-long workshop Tuesday, May 16 at the DC Bar Association in downtown Washington, DC. Details at

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