'Breathing Room' offers Cyber-Meditation Space to Stressed Desk Jockeys

Fort Collins, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/11/2006 --Tiffany Lehman, President and Founder of Living On Purpose Business and Life Coaching, announced the launch of the company’s new website today (www.livingonpurposecoaching.com).

Complete with a “Breathing Room” page – designed to help busy computer users find some quiet reflection time without having to leave the office – the new website provides a comprehensive overview of the benefits of business and life coaching.

“Today’s overscheduled professionals are often the people who could benefit most from a few minutes of relaxation and reflection during a stressful day – but they are also often too busy to even leave their desks to eat lunch, much less to attend a 90-minute yoga or meditation class across town,” Lehman says.

“The Breathing Room section of the website provides a little bit of calm, just a click away, so you can practice becoming more centered, focused, and effective despite the challenges the typical work day may throw your way. And it’s not just for current coaching clients; anyone can access the website and enjoy these benefits at any time.”

Coaching continues to gain popularity around the world, particularly in today’s rapidly changing and often-volatile business climate. Business coaches help organizations identify what they need in order to achieve success; they then assist the company's individual employees, functional teams, and top-level executives in developing the skills and strategies necessary to create that success.

“The website is just one more tool that people can use to help bridge the gap between their current situation, and where they would like to be in their lives and careers,” Lehman says. “It’s both a great introduction and supplement to coaching’s many benefits.”

The website was designed by Parallax Web Design (www.parallaxwebdesign.com) of Fort Collins, Colorado.

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