PRESTO! The World's First Hands-Free Smart Lunchbox Bringing Innovation and Excitement to Lunchtime

Wearable tech has finally entered school lunchtime.


Weston, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/28/2015 --Gone are the days of sad brown paper bag lunches. Presto™ is the definitive lunchbox for the technology generation. It's the first interactive lunchbox that kids can open hands-free, using only the magic of technology.

Kids grow up imitating their parents. In today's world, there's one thing that our children are seeing us use all the time: our smart mobile devices. The phones, the wearable tech – they know that it's important and that everybody owns at least one. The Presto™ Interactive Lunchbox seeks to close this gap by making lunchtime something enjoyable that kids look forward to and a part of our increasingly tech-based world. 

The founders, two middle school gifted science teachers, are seeking to completely reimagine the lunchtime experience. "We are so excited and motivated to bring a smile to every child's face during lunchtime. Who knew kids would be racing to get to their broccoli?," say the creators. Their aim with Presto™ is to bring a bit of excitement to lunch in hopes of sparking a love of lifelong healthy eating and STEM education.

About The Presto™ Lunchbox
The Presto™ Lunchbox experience is simple, yet magical. Every Presto™ Lunchbox includes a compatible color coordinated smartwatch. The child simply holds up their smartwatch next to the lunchbox and "Presto!" like magic, the lunchbox opens revealing their lunch. Presto™ is powered by NFC technology- able to detect when the compatible smartwatch is brought within range and once detected, allows for release of the electronic latch.

The Presto™ Lunchbox and smartwatches will be available in a variety of styles, colors, and fun character shapes. The founders have developed extensive focus group testing and their findings prove that, "when the lunchtime experience is an enjoyable and pleasant one; children are more likely to eat all of their food."

Presto™ has launched their Smart Lunchbox on Kickstarter, the largest Global crowdfunding website and is seeking to raise funds to bring their innovation to life. Backers who pledge a minimum of $39 will have first access to the smart hardware with a Presto™ Lunchbox and smartwatch in the color of their choice.

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