Running Expert Launches Idealrun, Online Running and Gait Analysis

IdealRun helps maximize runners’ performance through a state-of-the-art, whole body running analysis and personalized, practical running recommendations


Clearwater, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/18/2015 --Every year 75 percent of runners injure themselves and many actually quit the sport due to their injury. But with a proper running gait, not only can runners run longer and better, they can heal injuries and continue a long running career. Dr. Eric Schweitzer, DPT, today launched the web-based tool IdealRun to make it easier for runners to do just that.

IdealRun is an online running gait analysis service that helps runners correct their gait, improve performance and heal injuries. Users simply upload video of themselves running, and Dr. Schweitzer's team will conduct an individual analysis and provide personalized recommendations and instruction for exercises and drills. IdealRun provides the opportunity for runners worldwide to experience the benefits of an expert gait analysis, with the convenience of online shopping.

Dr. Schweitzer is a board certified doctor of physical therapy and running science expert. He has conducted hundreds of running analyses on nearly every type of runner, from weekend joggers to professional athletes. While many of his clients come to him because of injury, oftentimes injury can be prevented.

"You definitely don't have to have an injury to improve your gait. In fact, it's better not to wait and instead improve your form as a preventative measure. Not only will you decrease the risk of injury but you will also improve your performance," explains Dr. Schweitzer. "I've worked with everyone from Olympic athletes to recreational runners. Each runner has their own individual goal, whether it is to improve their performance or get back on the road. Proper gait can do all of those things."

Easily Upload Videos, Receive Personalized Recommendations, Exercises and Drills

IdealRun works by first asking users for a running and health background to better assess their needs and goals. Then, they submit short videos of themselves running, taken from various angles, and conducting functional movements like squats and stepping motions. From this, Dr. Schweitzer is able to evaluate structural weaknesses that may affect the gait. This includes things like the breaking impulse, the angle of the knee and pelvis, and pronation.

IdealRun is very simple to use and takes only a few minutes. Users simply take the videos using a smartphone, tablet or video recorder and then upload them to the IdealRun website using their smartphone, tablet or personal computer. The site provides step-by-step instructions on how to take the videos.

Once the videos are uploaded, Dr. Schweitzer and his team will personally review every video and send back a written evaluation along with videos and descriptions of recommended drills and exercises.

Future of Telemedicine

Online medical care is not new to the world of healthcare, but it is new within the field of physical therapy. Web-based personal healthcare services, like IdealRun, are the future of medical care, allowing clients from any geographic location to receive the expert care they need, without the travel expense.

It drastically reduces the cost of care for these clients, while increasing the level of experienced care they receive. As the medical field continues to determine how to treat more patients affordably, Dr. Schweitzer's IdealRun is providing a model for preventative and diagnostic services for the future.

Personal Experience with Running Injury

Dr. Schweitzer is a marathoner and triathlete and like so many others, experienced an injury that almost ended his running career.

"I was running a mud run, a great race. But I stepped into a hole and tore my planter fasciitis. This could have ended my running career and as any runner knows, that a tough pill to swallow. But, because of my background I was able to use the same therapy and techniques I use on my patients, to rehabilitate myself," said Dr. Schweitzer.

"That was three years ago, and last May I finished the Sugarloaf Marathon. So, I truly understand my clients' perspective and feel really passionate about IdealRun and having the ability to help runners around the world run to the best of their ability."

About IdealRun
IdealRun is a running and gait analysis service which helps runners of every level improve their performance and avoid injury through a practical, personalized plan of exercises and drills based on their individual needs. The entire service is online, making it quick, convenient and easy to use - anytime, anywhere. The Running Analyses' creator is Eric Schweitzer, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, running expert, runner and triathlete.

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