AnyFlip Recommends Using Flipbook Software to Keep E-Book Royalties Increasing

The leading expert in online digital publishing platforms, AnyFlip, has recommended the authors all over to use flipbook software to benefit from its amazing features and make content more interactive which will assist in increased sales and royalties for their e-books.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/18/2016 --Earning great revenues from writing and publishing e-books depend majorly on the royalties which an author gains from them. For that, they need their content to be presented in a more compelling and interactive manner which can make the maximum number of readers to go for it. The leading online digital publishing platform provider, AnyFlip, recommends using the flipbook software for designing and publishing the e-books for authors. The feature rich software from AnyFlip presents various options for the authors to give a highly impressive presentation to their work and showcase them in an extremely eye catching fashion.

As the company representatives said, "With the change in time, people look for something different and better than others. Thus, e-books now need to be more engaging and compelling so that the readers like them and thus the author can get increased revenues and royalties."

While recommending the flipbook software, the AnyFlip experts gave sound reasons to support their recommendations. They said that flipbook software provides the first of its kind transitions and page turning effects which give the readers a life-like reading experience on their digital devices. Not only this, the software allows adding impressive multimedia files to the content in order to give it a more engaging and interactive shape. This not only make readers read the content but addition of images, videos or sound also give them an experience of reading which they never had before.

The software is enriched with powerful animation tools and editor which allows making changes to the content whenever the author wants and modify it for betterment anytime. These animations are very attractive and changes the way of presenting the content in the plain old style. The flipbook software is flawlessly compatible with all devices like laptop, desktop, mobiles etc and thus caters to the reading needs of all readers using different devices.

Authors always come up with amazing content but their presentation needs to be different now as people expect more. Thus using the flipbook software can turn out to be a highly simple and effective method of presenting their work in impressive manner and thus, increasing royalties.

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