A New Team Building Social Network Called SFScoop Has Been Launched by Shawn Finkelstein

SFScoop incorporates real-time communication were Individual users can be their own telecommunications company with encrypted communications via the Lets Talk function. It has VoIP, Video over IP and text messaging. There is no need for a data carrier just a Wi-Fi connection via any device. A new app to go with the new social network will be released in the Spring.

San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/18/2016 --A new important tool has been launched to change the way businesses of all sizes run their everyday operations. SFScoop designed and built by Shawn Finkelstein, the founder of Datappaloosa, is a new social network for businesses and their team members. The social network aims to bring professional people together who have the same mindset, skills, and knowledge to create a dynamic team to work on a project with positive results.

Shawn Finkelstein found there was a real need for a new type of social network that would not just connect people together to gain contacts and promote their business, but one that would bring people together who could share their skills and experience to work on projects together. Since the social network was launched, it has gained excitement amongst business owners who have become bored with the old style of social networking platforms.

The SFScoop provides the user with real-time communications, it allows people to talk about their projects with their team members without having to wait for messages to be sent and received. The new platform also provides the user with a document sharing feature, which as Shawn explained is an important feature and one that business professionals wanted and needed.

There are many social networking platforms available. However, those platforms have been designed for people who want to promote their business and network with other business professionals to try and gain contracts and orders. What makes SFScoop stand out is it provides a platform in real time where business professionals and seek and work with like-minded people where they can share their experiences and come together to make a project become a reality.

Shawn Finkelstein said of the new social platform: "SFScoop allows people with a vision to gain the skills and experience of people in so many different fields. By tapping into that experience, a project that needs the input of different professionals can become a reality and brought to market."

To learn more about SFScoop and how it can be used to communicate with team members and locate and communicate with like-minded professionals, please visit https://sfscoop.com

About SFScoop
SFScoop is new social networking platform designed by Shawn Finkelstein. It provides a modern and simplified way to connect with team members. Shawn designed and built the team building social network to provide an important tool for businesses of all sizes.

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