The First Sports Watch with a Mp3 Player to Start a Crowdfunding Campaign


Santa Monica, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/02/2016 --On February 24, theSportGPS, creator of a new GPS sports watch equipped with an MP3 player, will launch a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo®. This revolutionary sports watch includes a MP3 player with a standard jack, 16GB storage, advanced GPS capabilities, track map and all the sport metrics. It's also the only watch with an open source firmware that will allow full customization by third parties.

"Our goal was to create a sports watch that fulfills one of the key missing elements in the sports watch market: enjoying music while practicing a sport," said Herve Hellebronth, Founder of theSportGPS. "Many people reading this today will be surprised to learn that all other sports watches on the market leave out this critical component of smooth, efficient exercise from their model. Now, with theSportGPS, you won't need to go buy costly Bluetooth® earphones or carry your large and heavy mobile phone while you exercise."

As an all-in-one sports watch, theSportsGPS is set to be the first with MP3 capabilities, space as large as 16GB, and an open source firmware, allowing full customization of the sports watch with a concept similar to the Arduino® platform.

Designed to bring an enhanced fitness experience to millions of athletes across the United States, theSportsGPS is hosting an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to take its reach to the next level.

"Our Indiegogo fundraising campaign will kickoff on February 24 with several pre-ordering options," said Herve Hellebronth. "People who elect to be early supporters will receive theSportGPS for only $99 in June 2016. Please check out our crowdfunding campaign later this month and help us market an important and convenient piece of wearable technology every active person is missing."

The anticipated retail price for theSportGPS is $199. To participate in the Indiegogo campaign, visit:

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