Product Liability and Class Action Lawsuit Portal Launched for Consumers ( Launches Product Liability and Class Action Lawsuit Portal, with articles, news stories, and message boards for consumers

Ft. Lauderdale, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/13/2006 --J3 Group, LLC, has launched a new, streamlined, product-liability and class action lawsuit site this week. Over the past two decades, product defects and liability lawsuits in the United States have grown exponentially. Pharmaceutical giants, automotive manufacturers and medical device makers are releasing products at lightning speed to engage in corporate competition, and many of these same companies are issuing recalls of their products just as frequently. A top executive recently blamed the advanced technology available in his company’s products for these mishaps and recalls. However, at the end of the day, companies are releasing defective products that have real-world consequences for real people.

Lawsuits inevitably follow these recalls as people are physically injured or suffer economic harm from defective drugs, cars that fail and defective medical devices. Learning the facts about product liability lawsuits, class action lawsuits and the issues that surround them from can mean the difference between a consumer successfully moving forward and forcing scrutiny on these companies or sitting in silence, suffering.

Media attention has helped most consumers know about Mesothelioma, Asbestosis, and about the possible danger of asbestos exposure. Over 5,000 products have been or still are manufactured with asbestos, including many home building materials. Without proper precautions, people can still be exposed to this dangerous mineral today. Although these issues have been widely publicized and have prompted many individual and class action lawsuits, there are still new and relevant updates and news stories that affect consumers today.

Just as important are the legal issues, usually that have already obtained or are about to achieve class action lawsuit status, that have not been as widely publicized. How do consumers find out about the issues that aren’t covered by the mainstream media? Now, consumers can protect themselves and stay informed with

"We are very excited to make this website available to people who need current legal information and news when it comes to class action and product liability cases," said Jason Tarlowe, CEO of J3Group, LLC. "What makes our site so great is the interactivity. Our visitors share information on over 100 current legal topics by commenting on our vast library of news articles and current stories. This, coupled with our user message boards and blogs, creates a wealth of legal knowledge on these hazardous topics developing daily."

Everyone has heard about the recalls of Vioxx and Bextra and the close scrutiny of Cox-2 Inhibitors. The stories about Merck and their alleged refusal to warn patients about the elevated risks of heart attacks ultimately prompted the recall of Vioxx and thousands of lawsuits. It’s just as likely that consumers have knowledge of the Ford Explorer SUV rollover scandal and the alleged tire defects that plagued Firestone Bridgestone.

At our expert staff covers topics about Vioxx and Bextra class action lawsuits while also casting an eye towards the future with coverage of potentially dangerous medications like Ambien. is also covering other topics like SAT test scoring errors and hurricane wind damage.

The goal of this informational portal is to bring as much information to the consumer as possible so they can better protect themselves or learn how to better represent their situation. Tarlowe said, "We have created a community where people who have suffered personal injuries from defective products can share their experiences with each other. From our informative articles and news analysis, as well as the site's community contributors, visitors learn what they must do to seek legal compensation for their suffering as well as staying on top of the most recent news events."

Using will help consumers protect their rights and help the injured to seek justice. No matter the defective product or service, if a consumer needs current information about their claim or injury, they will find it at

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