Use Education to Become a Winning FOREX Currency Trader

Boston, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/16/2006 --Ninety percent of currency traders lose money. So, what do the winning FOREX traders know, or have, that the losers do not? FOREX Business School enhances the currency trade education and training options.

Yes, ninety percent of FOREX currency traders are losers lured into the market by the opportunity to get lots of money. According to, all currency traders should have adequate educational preparation prior to attempting to trade. With this preparation, their FOREX currency trading success rate will increase substantially.

But let’s focus on the FOREX currency traders who are winners. How do they do it? What types of knowledge and preparation do they have that losing traders do not?

First of all, most winning FOREX currency traders are directly associated with central banks, major government agencies, or large brokerage houses. They know a lot more about the FOREX markets than the individual currency trader.

The winning FOREX currency traders are professionals who have adequate education and, in many cases, hold regulated licenses and registrations directly related to investment and securities. Many of them take rigorous exams to get certified as investment professionals.

Unfortunately, most beginning FOREX currency traders do not realize, or recognize, that currency trading is a profession; not just an activity. As such, they rely on a few pages of FOREX tutorials offered by currency trading brokers. These brief tutorials, often referred to as FOREX training, are mostly design to excite the potential trader into opening an account with the broker. A major enticement is the offer of a free simulated, or practice, currency trading account. is developing a currency trader education program that will provide much of foundation level knowledge that professional currency traders possess.
The educational program is designed to increase the success rate of beginning and intermediate level currency traders. believes that prospective currency traders are decreasing their chances for success by trading before attaining a solid educational background.

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