Drinking Less Alcohol Achieves Better Health Says Leading Alcohol Reduction Expert

Georgia Foster has launched an online program to help people to drink less alcohol. The program is called The Drink Less Mind program and is a seven-day program that can help people who struggle with alcohol to drink less. The program is free to try and has gained positive reviews for the way it has helped people to drink less.

London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/25/2016 --In the past two decades, the number of people who have died from liver disease has more than doubled according to the Welsh Government. The reason behind the increase is down to alcohol misuse, obesity, and blood-borne viral hepatitis. Georgia Foster, a leading alcohol reduction expert, has said these figures could be reduced if people cut down on their alcohol intake.

The leading alcohol reduction expert who has launched a program to help people reduce the amount of alcohol they drink each week has said there are many reasons why more people are drinking more than the should. According to Georgia, whose Drink Less Mind Program (http://georgiafoster.com/7-days-to-drink-less) has helped thousands of people around the world to drink less; modern life is partly to blame.

Georgia Foster said: "In the modern world people have more stress in their life, and one way people deal with stress is to drink. With the troubled economic problems, the rising cost of living and wages not increasing, more people are struggling with their everyday financial life."

The alcohol reduction expert also explained that the stress of work is another major reason people are drinking more. When a person has a stressful day they have a drink, but without having that self-control, that one drink can lead to another, and then another, and turns into a real problem. Georgia Foster wants to help those people to remove that problem and help them drink less.

Through the abuse of alcohol, people are putting their health at risk. Georgia explained it may sound boring, but the facts speak for themselves. Drinking responsibly is fine, but once that drinking gets out of control then health problems could begin, which includes liver problems.

Georgia hopes by making people aware how serious excessive drinking is; then fewer people will suffer from liver problems. However, it's not just health problems excessive drinking causes said Georgia.

" When a person drinks more than they should they are not in total control of their life. They can wake up in the morning not feeling great, and once they get to work, they may not be focused. By drinking less, a person would find they feel so much better and feel more alive." said Georgia

The Drink Less Mind Program has become one of the most talked about programs to help people to drink less. It has achieved positive results around the world and has become one of the most recommended ways to drink less.

The Seven-Day Drink Less Mind Program

- Over 14 hours of life-changing material, to listen to when suits, throughout seven unforgettable days.
- Fully downloadable audio you can listen to anywhere.
- A healthier, happier you, that sleeps better and drinks significantly less.
- Save money on unwanted alcohol and expensive therapy.
- A fully private, safe and supportive service.
- Risk-free purchase, with our 60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee.
- Improve your family life
- Bonus included
- Lifetime Access, full access to the program for as long as you need.

To learn more about the 7 Days To Drink Less program, please visit http://georgiafoster.com/7-days-to-drink-less

Georgia is offering press the program for free. Please contact her.

Note: The author, public speaker and professional hypnotherapist is offering members of the press to try the program for free by contacting her. She is available for interview to talk about alcohol reduction.

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