Tri-Diagnostics Has Developed a Plan Which Reduces Insurance Companies' Excesses and Helps Patients when the Need Arises

1 Thru 5 Plan” seeks to bring low-cost, quality medical care and diagnostic imaging services to all of their patients, regardless of insurance coverage.

Branson, MO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/03/2016 --Tri-diagnostics has announced its suspension of insurance service. According to the new plan, there will be no filling of commercial claims, only with few exceptional cases. The need for quality medical care, low-cost and diagnostic imagining services to their patients, is the brain behind the launch of the new "1 Thru 5 plan", regardless of insurance coverage, under the new scheme, necessary testing such as x-ray exams, CT scans, ultrasounds, and MRIs will be covered. Patients will also have available options in treatment payments.

In a statement from a TLD spokesman, "Over the years, we have recognized the inconsistent, shady and deceptive approach of insurance companies with their claims processing practices" He states further "We are pushing for a transparent self-pay model, we believe that this initiative of ours will cause a movement throughout the nation. Henceforth TLD will only assist patients in the paperwork to self-file to receive their network benefits.

Patients who need assistance in paying for their treatment can apply for Care Credit. Care credit allows a monthly payment until the bill is covered. The website contains a link to the VIP discount card, which gives about $150 from the test.

The cost for a diagnostic testing ranges from $100 for a single x-ray to $500 for an MRI without contrast. When contrast is the need, a fee of $200 will be added to the bill. A board certified radiologist makes all interpretations. However, this will attract a single basic price. Patients can have a complimentary CD set alongside the result of a test to the patient's primary physician.

Tri-lakes Diagnostic has been in the providing of quality diagnostic testing services since 2008. The company has a team of registered and well-experienced technologists and board certified radiologists. The company is located at 523 state HWY 248, Suite 300 in Branson Missouri.

You can contact Tri-Lake Diagnostics by calling 417-332-2152 or visit

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The clinic offers advanced technology, a highly trained and compassionate staff, and comfortable surroundings. They strive to provide excellent patient care complemented by advanced image quality to assist further the doctor with their diagnosis. Their technologists are certified by the American Registry of Radiology Technologists (ARRT). Accurate and thorough reports can be delivered to your doctor within hours of the exam. The doctor can expect to receive most reports within one business day.

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