Beautiful Bracelet Hand-Crafted from Centuries-Old Cedar Now Available on Kickstarter


Minneapolis, MN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/17/2016 --Urbain, a company in Minneapolis, is launching its first product this spring, a beautiful, limited edition bracelet - with a unique story. The Marine is a bracelet made from wooden beads made from Minnesota cedar that is hundreds of years old; the wearer of the bracelet carries around with them a tiny, unique piece of 19th-century history.

The cedar of the wooden beads comes from the trees of the St. Croix Valley in Minnesota. The trees were sawn at the Marine Mill overlooking the St. Croix river more than two hundred years ago and, incredibly, the old saw logs have been preserved at the bottom of the St. Croix river for more than a century. Urbain has taken the opportunity to fashion the wood into beads for a hand-made bracelet. The beads are sanded and stained by hand and threaded onto beading wire. The bracelet is then finished with a bright or aged 925 sterling silver toggle clasp, and completed with a faceted sterling silver transition bead and custom engraved 925 sterling silver jewelry tag. The unaffected beads showcase the essential, natural beauty of the wood, and the finished piece would suit any style or taste, making a fantastically versatile gift.

Since a finite amount of old Marine Mill cedar saw logs exist, The Marine bracelet is limited to just 250 pieces and the remaining bracelets are available on Kickstarter. For a certain donation level, rewards include The Marine, available with a choice of bright or aged clasp, a custom Urbain jewelry box, and the chance to secure a claim on future Urbain products. For a donation level of $1,250, contributors can take a trip to the Marine Mill historical site on the St. Croix and enjoy dinner with Urbain's founder, Logan Ketterling.

The Marine is Urbain's first product but the company has other jewelry products in the design phase. The company has plans for a necklace and other bracelets made from materials from other incredible historic places, all of which will be limited edition due to the originality of the resources. A video capturing the essence of Marine Mill and telling the story of the wood is available on Kickstarter and the Urbain website.

The real enigma of The Marine is that the wood from which it is made is older than any living human, its precise story will remain unknown, and it cannot be replicated since the exact material itself cannot ever be brought back.

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