Mexican Food in Santa Monica Is Now Available at Premier Restaurant Mondo Taco

Mondo Taco is a premier Mexican Food in Santa Monica location and has announced that it is now offering top-rated Mexican food to people in the greater Los Angeles area. Mondo Taco has been ranked as a top Mexican food restaurant and is quickly becoming a premier destination for the residents of Los Angeles. The restaurant is located at 2200 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90404 310-310-8922.


Santa Monica, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/18/2016 --Mondo Taco has developed an amazing reputation among the Los Angeles foodie community, as a great Mexican food in Santa Monica destination. They are known for taking bold steps in food innovation and have created some amazing recipes that literally cannot be found anywhere else. They are known for only using the freshest ingredients in their food. They pride themselves on serving food that is as good as if it was homemade. They pull from a long tradition of Mexican food in Santa Monica, but add a modern twist that makes it uniquely Southern California.

Their flavorful dishes come from countless trial and error. Before the restaurant, serving Mexican food in Santa Monica, releases any new dishes, they do a trial run with their team of tasters to ensure that all recipes make the grade. If the entire taste team is not 100% convinced that the recipes are amazing, the dish is not added to the menu. That is how they assure that their dishes will be loved by the public.

Their modern day spins on classic recipes are sure to stimulate the senses and awaken the palate. For people searching for something new and exciting, Mondo Taco, Mexican food in Santa Monica, has it all. Everything is made fresh, ready to order. Usually, if you want fresh tacos, you have to go to Mexico, or maybe Olvera Street. However, at Mondo Taco, all tortillas are made in house, and that is a feature that is hard to find in most restaurants. So, now, Los Angelinos can enjoy the amazing experience of eating freshly prepared, homemade tortillas.

About Mondo Taco
Mondo Taco is a premier foodie destination in the heart of Los Angeles for Mexican food in Santa Monica. They offer amazing dishes that are winning the hearts of people all over Southern California.

To learn more about Mondo Taco, call us at 310-310-8922 or visit our website at

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