1GumADay Is an Energy Boosting Chewing-Gum with Health Benefits for Users Always on-the-Go


Hillside, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/13/2016 --1GumADay, the revolutionary new performance-enhancing, energy-boosting chewing gum, is now live on Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

1GumADay is a breakthrough product that promises users chewing 1 piece of their gum the equivalent caffeine boost to a single can of energy drink. There are 22 types of energy gums, from those that taste like coffee or those that remain great taste but only maintain 10-20mg caffeine. 1GumADay has managed to create an energy gum with 100mg caffeine that still manages to keep it's mint flavor.

"Frustration with the price of energy drinks and simply not being able to go somewhere with 12 Red Bull cans in your pocket," says co-founder Stuart Bennet on what led him to bringing the project to life, "You can easily take a pack gum in your pocket instead of walking around with 12 RedBull cans and chew it while driving, working out, working on your laptop, and still manage to have both hands free."

1GumADay is an ideal solution set to offer a boost to all of those juggling increasingly busy lifestyles while wanting to remain fit and healthy. The gum is made up of three key ingredients that stimulate and revive the senses: caffeine, guarana and taurine. Caffeine is obviously the ingredient that gives coffee drinkers a little extra vim and verve, while guarana is a plant in the maple family that's also associated with boosting energy. Taurine is an organic compound often found in energy drinks and thought to have antioxidant properties. With these three ingredients working in tandem, 1GumADay can offer a dramatic energy boost – both physically and mentally.

With a minty refreshing flavor and the ability to deliver results twice as fast as energy drinks, but without the nasty added chemicals, 1GumADay is sure to become an invaluable addition to many busy individual's daily routines. Chewing gum can also stimulate saliva, which not only reduces tooth decay, but also restores the pH balance within the mouth, for a healthier and cleaner sensation.

The gum can also prevent busy individuals from soaking up too many calories as they go about their day. The simple act of chewing gum signals to the brain the act of eating, which triggers a release of insulin. This insulin soaks up the sugars in the bloodstream and prepares them to be used as energy, which could result in preferable metabolic reactions throughout the body. Those chewing 1GumADay will benefit from increased oxygen being pumped to the brain, which also results in higher concentration and improved focus.

1GumADay is now live and available to support on Indiegogo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/1gumaday-energy-gum-sugar-free

About 1GumADay
1GumADay established on 2014 by Stuart Bennett and Koby Dradzon, 2 engineers with passion for extreme sport and fitness . During 2 years they've been looking for the perfect formula to create a better solution to boost their day and now the 1GumADAy crowdfunding campaign is live .

For more information on 1GumADay please visit: http://www.1gumaday.com

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