Best and Worst Mattresses in 2016 Reported by Mattress Inquirer

Mattress Inquirer compares popular bed brands to see who’s topping reviews and offering the best deals this year.


Boston, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/19/2016 --People shopping for a new bed typically aren't look for one that's just "okay" or "adequate" -- they want the best mattress for their hard earned dollar, a bed that will provide great sleep and last for years to come.

While individual preferences vary widely, one way to determine which beds offer the best prospects are consumer reviews. Industry news site Mattress Inquirer recently compared ratings on some of the most popular brands in order to see who stands out this year. Published April 15, the report is titled "Best and Worst Mattresses of 2016: Yearly Report".

In this guide, readers find an overview of the best-rated mattress brands sorted by type, along with a look at the brands whose performance is underwhelming shoppers. Editors that consumers' mattress reviews, "tell you things salespeople or a trip the local store can't, and can help you determine if things like the firmness level or durability is on par with people's expectations."

Utilizing data from retail websites, third party review sites, forums and elsewhere, the article highlights a couple standouts along with providing a detailed look at the brands and their product ranges. Some of 2016's best mattress brands include:

- Memory Foam: Amerisleep, Tempurpedic
- Innersprings: Aireloom, Signature Sleep
- Latex: Astrabeds, Lifekind

The report also includes helpful information about the makeup of each mattress type. Mattress Inquirer explains the factors shoppers can use to best determine quality like density and coil type, as well as differences between brands within each type. The overall aim is aiding readers to make informed buying decisions based on their own personal needs and preferences.

Along with the 2016 guide to top rated mattress companies, the Mattress Inquirer website features several other guides to mattress shopping, sleep products, health and industry news.

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