Hip Sufferers Find Relief and Stability at Sussex County Total Health in Newton, NJ

Dr. Thomas Walaszczyk helps patients find relief from hip pain using the latest chiropractic techniques


Newton, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/02/2016 --Newton, NJ chiropractor Dr. Thomas Walaszczyk is helping local patients who are struggling with hip pain or who are in need of hip rehabilitation find access to the latest chiropractic treatments to help them live a better, pain-free life. Dr. Walaszczyk and his staff at Sussex County Total Health are proud to run a modern, updated facility that is known for its wide range of chiropractic techniques and other advanced services that help patients live happy and healthy lives.

Dr. Walaszczyk offers patients a comprehensive program of chiropractic, pelvic balancing, and state of the art rehabilitation equipment that assists in correcting misalignments or other conditions that are contributing to their pain or restricted range of motion. Dr. Walaszczyk's goal as a chiropractor is to help patients accurately diagnose and correct interference between the nervous system, skeletal system, and muscles in the body using non-invasive and drug-free techniques. He uses X-ray to evaluate spinal and pelvic alignment which then allows him to create a custom treatment plan using a variety of different techniques and equipment that will provide the best outcomes for the patient's individual needs.

New patients of Dr. Walaszczyk that have experienced a hip injury or who are in need of hip rehabilitation will receive a comprehensive initial evaluation that includes a hands-on examination, or "palpation" exam, as well as spinal X-rays depending on the needs of the patient. Dr. Walaszczyk then prepares a Report of Findings that gives patients a detailed care plan and instruction for treatments to seek that will provide the best and fastest possible results.

Some of the services Dr. Walaszczyk and his staff offer at Sussex County Total Health include but aren't limited to spinal decompression, vibration plate exercises, spinal rehabilitation, the Pettibon method, the Distraction Cox Technique, and whole food nutrition. He also uses specific chiropractic techniques in addition to traditional hands-on adjustments like the Zero-Force technique, the Non-Force technique, instrument techniques, and Laying on Fulcrums technique.

About Dr. Thomas Walaszczyk
Dr. Walaszczyk has been practicing chiropractic for more than 25 years. He graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 1989 with honors and has spent his entire career incorporating the latest industry techniques and technology into his practice in order to provide his patients with the highest level of care. He is a member of the Association of New Jersey Chiropractors and often provides lectures and consulting about injury prevention in business and industrial settings.

To learn more about the services Dr. Thomas Walaszczyk provides to patients struggling with hip pain or rehabilitation, please visit www.NewtonPainRelief.com.

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