Magnetic Autocontrol Releases New Sally Port Vehicle Barriers and is Chosen as Key Supplier for Frankfurt Airport.

Rockledge, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/29/2006 --Magnetic Autocontrol releases new Sally Port Vehicle Barriers and is chosen as key supplier for Frankfurt Airport based on quality and the ability to provide custom entrance control solutions for high security applications. Applications for Magnetic Autocontrol Sally Port Vehicle Barriers include airports, seaports, border crossings, government facilities and other high profile targets.

In an effort to decrease both terrorist and illegal immigration activities, businesses and governments worldwide are constantly evaluating and implementing new entrance control solutions. Solutions may include custom software, smart cards, card readers, biometric readers, detection devices, physical security barriers and/or many other options. In some cases, governments have gone as far to issue directives, such as HSPD-12 and EU 1138/2004, for increased security and appropriate passage at select locations.

In response to the EU 1138/2004 directive, which requires vehicles, flight crew, other personnel, personal belongings, vehicles and other objects entering/exiting airports to be searched, Frankfurt Airport looked to Magnetic Autocontrol as the vendor of choice. The decision was made based on Magnetic’s worldwide history of providing the highest quality vehicle barriers, service and support. The 160 barriers were also selected due to their performance in extreme weather demands of rain, snow and low temperatures. Furthermore, the barriers were completed within a very tight deadline of 15 days.

Each Sally Port Vehicle Barrier lane consists of four special version MIB40 gates. Two gates are installed opposite one another at each end of the vehicle lane. When closed, the area between the two sets of barriers is referred to as an “air lock” or secured zone. The secured area can be used for required vehicle checks, explosives detection, biometric identity confirmation and other screening processes by security personnel and/or automatic systems. For administering lane usage permissions, additional hardware such as card readers, keypads, fingerprint readers and other equipment may be installed outside of each lane. Examples of smart cards used for lane passage may include TWIC (Transportation Workers Identity Credential), CLEAR (Registered Traveler) and FLO (Fast Lane Option – Registered Traveler) cards. For vehicle detection and safety, induction loops are installed beneath the pavement. The Frankfurt Airport installation example consisted of over 29,000 feet of induction loops for vehicle detection.

Applications for Magnetic Autocontrol Sally Port Vehicle Barriers will continue to increase as the world moves forward since the devastation of 9/11. Controlled vehicle checkpoints have become a mandatory procedure in many security operations. They are used to identify threats such as the transportation of hazardous chemicals, warfare, suspected/known terrorists and illegal immigrants. Magnetic Autocontrol Sally Port Vehicle Barriers are the ideal solution for seaports, airports, border crossings, government facilities, nuclear plants and other high profile locations. When integrated with credentialing service providers, the opportunities are endless.

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