New Rich World - Social Networking and Mentoring Platform Launched on Indiegogo


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/03/2016 --New Rich World, a startup company based in San Francisco, is raising funds to create an innovative social networking and mentoring platform. Unlike other social media networks, New Rich World is about focusing on personal life goals, life meaning, and purpose, with members offering one another positive support and guidance.

The site's founder, Christy Nguyen, has worked in real estate and business ventures and her goal has always been to find a way to empower ordinary people. Nguyen recognizes that empowerment can be achieved by identifying specific life values and planning personal goals and aims accordingly. But since many people often need a mentor to guide them, Nguyen sees New Rich World as a means of connecting people who seek specific advice, guidance or knowledge, with those that can provide that support, even if they are on the other side of the globe.

Those that back the campaign on Indiegogo will become early beta users. These initial users will be among the very first to have access to the platform, and will even have a chance to meet with the founder personally to discuss ''all things business, life journey, and real estate.''

With social media being all about showing people who you are and what you are about, New Rich World also wants to help people understand each other more, to show friends, families, colleagues, and even the world, their life goals, mission, vision or purpose - and share their dreams. As well as connecting people across continents, it will empower people to start afresh, to improve themselves on a personal level, and to think more positively about themselves and others.

More than a name or job title, people can establish their real identity based on their personal goals and journey, and use the platform to promote opportunities and possibilities. Whatever they are going through, whatever challenges they are facing, New Rich World will enable people all over the world to show one another who they really are in their heart, the person they strive to be. For experts, mentors, and like-minded friends it provides an empowering medium to exchange advice and support.

Nguyen hopes to have the platform up and running this July, with the aim being to have it available in five different languages around the world when enough funds have been raised. She also hopes to be able to support not for profit projects and campaigns around the world.

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