The Saudi King and I: Janan Harb goes public as interest in her story gains momentum

Janan Harb’s story of her life with King Fahd of Saudi Arabia is now reaching the public domain after years of secrecy.

London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/11/2006 --Janan’s fascinating story of her life with a King has caught the imaginations of people all over the world. The love story of a beautiful young girl and a handsome prince has caught the attention of the media at home and abroad. A three page article has been published in Britain’s “Mail on Sunday” featuring photo’s of the couple that have never been seen publicly before and plans for future articles in the pipeline. She has been so encouraged by the messages she has received that her website now tells her story in Arabic and intentions to translate to Japanese in the near future.

Speaking today, Janan tells of her excitement over the interest that her story has raised. “I am pleased and encouraged by the positive reaction that my story has provoked in people. I have had a great deal of interest from the media, not only in Britain, but from all over the world. What has really touched me are the messages from people wanting to offer their encouragement and support to my cause. I am thrilled with the response after so many years of silence.”

Janan’s is a story of great love which ended with deception and exile continuing now with a battle for her civil and human rights. “King Fahd was an exceptional man, a man of dignity and honour. Our life together was a happy one until I was asked to leave the kingdom by his brother and forced into a life of exile against my will. I maintained a dignified silence for many years out of respect for the King but I now feel that, with no satisfactory resolution being reached, it is time to enter the public domain with my story. All I am seeking is what is rightfully mine”

Janan believes that King Fahd would have honoured his promises to her if he had remained in good health. He died after a long illness in 1995. “My husband was a kind and fair man. We were in constant communication right up until he was taken ill. I was even planning to visit him with my daughters and we were organising a trip. He was taken ill two weeks later and we never spoke again. As we were never divorced my rights as a wife are still valid – all I ask is that those rights and the memory of my former husband should be respected and that I should not be treated as a victim of this injustice”.

Janan Harb’s PR representative, Christine Holmes, has been the first point of contact for interest in Janan’s story. “We are very encouraged from the amount of attention that Janan’s story has received so far. We have had a lot of interest from the press and public. The timing is perfect for her story to be told to a wider audience - she has maintained a dignified silence for a long time. Many opportunities are opening up as a result of this recent publicity. We hope to use as many of these as possible as platform for her story to be told. The inclusion of translations of Arabic and Japanese will enhance this and extend her story to a multi cultural audience”

Janan Harb is currently living in London. Her story is now currently available in English and Arabic and can be read in more detail on

Notes for the editor: More about Janan Harb’s fascinating story can be found on She is available for interview and can be contacted via Christine Holmes on 07768 548619 or

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