REMAR HOLDING Explodes in the Financial Market, Collected USD 6.8 Billion

Become a reference and receive attention from major banking and investment groups in the financial market globally is not something that happens often.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/18/2016 --To be considered by the major banking groups as RBS, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and others in the City of London and Wall Street in New York, the two capitals of the finance world is an incredible story that highlights the success gained by Manuel Ros thanks to the recent amazing results that he has had through his organization named REMAR HOLDING, a normal company founded and managed by its sole shareholder Manuel Ros, Italian businessman, due to a revolutionary idea he had distorting the financial system of private investment causing concern from various private funds and investment banks who saw their customers withdraw money invested and go to invest in the financial products offered by REMAR and adhering to the system established by its inventor Manuel Ros.

REMAR's success is not limited just in terms of numbers, 6.8 Billion USD is the sum collected in 3 years from thousands of private investors across the world who decided to adhere to the guaranteed investment proposals offered and implemented by Manuel Ros this has also extended the interest to many of the largest primary banks and investment funds located in the major financial districts of the world such as the City of London and Wall Street New York. They have seen the increase and the loss of customers and their financial deposits also the financial agents and brokers that decided to leave the bank to become an agent for REMAR once realizing that selling an investment product that is guaranteed through a bank guarantee for both capital and profit is a lot easier than selling a common product proposed by all the banks.

REMAR insists in being different from the rest of the world to offer investment solutions that no one has proposed until now because in the financial market, no bank and no investment fund can guarantee the capital and essentially the profit between 5% and up to 40% per year from the subscription date supported by "a primary, irrevocable and unconditional bank guarantee", this is REMAR's secret, invest and know for certain the profit and moreover have the guarantee to receive the money at the agreed date without any risk or condition that could cause the loss of the invested capital which frequently occurs in the investment market today.

The credit must be given for having the ability to be able to analyze with a unique insight into the worldwide financial situation all the feelings and the reasons that have led private investors to hold frozen liquid capital that they possessed, in fact, Manuel Ros system for many technical specialists is defined the only one that ensures a "zero risk investment" and the safest and most serious way to make money with financial investments especially in this period where the markets are unstable, for that reason REMAR has been classed as a highly trustworthy organization.

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Due to this system Manuel Ros is becoming one of the most influential profiles in the financial market attracting attention and curiosity from the financial industry's leaders that challenge him to find collaborative agreements and worldwide success that deserve attention and consideration.


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