New Christian Media Company Launches in Silicon Valley Announces Destination Website with Flash Movies, Screensavers and Inspirational Blog for the Christian Market

Palo Alto, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/11/2006 --From the heart of Silicon Valley, a new start-up,, is aiming for everyone's soul. recently launched its online destination site — — devoted to bringing premier-quality inspirational content to the fast-growing Christian market.

The first products from are a Flash movie and a screensaver based on the classic hymn "All Things Bright and Beautiful" by Cecil Alexander. Both inspirational products are moving, Internet-age productions of the famous 19th century hymn with high-quality music and visuals.

Through the blog, the company is also spreading inspirational messages from an array of sources, from daily users to the masters of poetry, story and hymn. The rise of grassroots content along with associated licensing mechanisms, such as the Creative Commons framework, allow to bring timeless works to market in new and creative ways. is one of the first companies to leverage user-contributed pictures to create products that resonate with the Christian community, as demonstrated by the Flash movie and screensaver "All Things Bright and Beautiful."

Repackaged as short animated movies, original works like famous hymns and poems have enormous appeal to today's Christians, who want experiences with an uplifting tone normally absent from MTV, YouTube, MySpace and other secular channels. To address this interest and compete effectively with media giants, is leveraging technologies and trends unavailable or not mature just a few years ago, such as Web 2.0 user- generated content, blogs, online video sharing, viral marketing and high-speed Internet access.

With the market for religious products growing 27% in the next 5 years to $9.5B, according to, the opportunities for faith-based web content are significant as more and more Christian consumers come online. engages this expanding audience with unique, rich online experiences that inspire and make the web a little more inviting to Christians.

About is a unique Silicon Valley publisher and distributor of high-quality digital content in the form of web movies, screensavers and other products conveying inspirational messages and themes. In these uncertain times, the company creates an inviting home for people in search of images that stir the soul, words that inspire the mind, and music that touches the heart. For more information about the company and its products, please visit

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