C&B Equipment Releases Video Case Study of DIP System Installation

Findings include improved performance, lower maintenance costs, and ease of installation


Wichita, KS -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/25/2016 --C&B Equipment has released a video case study detailing the results of the region's first Direct In-Line Pump System (or DIP System®) installation. The installation was performed in April by C&B for the Norton Correctional Facility in Norton, KS.

While this wastewater pumping system has been used successfully in Europe since 2003, it is only now coming to North America as municipalities seek more innovative and sustainable wastewater management solutions.

The DIP System® is designed to make wastewater lift stations much less maintenance intensive while effectively dealing with the trash, wipes, diapers and clothing that clog pumps and sewer lines. The DIP System® automatically shreds these materials, allowing for uninterrupted flow. This also eliminates the labor and costs associated with physically removing and disposing of the materials.

"The most important aspect of the DIP System® … is that it will solve the high labor costs experienced in maintaining and cleaning wastewater lift station pumps," says Jon Dunham, Key Accounts Manager for C&B.

C&B's video case study identifies several other key benefits to municipalities and facilities converting their existing wet well pumping stations to the DIP System®. They include:

- System is self-sufficient and can adapt speed automatically to flow intake
- System can be managed remotely, eliminating the need to send a crew to the site
- Reduced manpower required to remove and reinstall clogged pumps
- Rapid install and less excavation needed for new construction

These have proved true for the Norton Correctional Facility in the three months since installation. The installation process was completed within only three days.

"Our application here at our facility is a little unique," says Joel Hrabe, Deputy Warden of the Norton Correctional Facility. "We never know for sure what's going to get flushed down the wastewater system.

"We absolutely have not had to shut our sewer system down to repair, pull pumps, to unclog pumps—none of that has happened since installation. … I would recommend the DIP System® wholeheartedly."

Click here to watch the video.

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