E-Waste Is Growing and Contributing to Global Warming, Alerts a UK Rubbish Removal Company

Go Rubbish Go, London’s premiere rubbish removal company, announced today that e-waste is growing and contributing to Global warming.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/03/2016 --As global warming becomes a bigger and more important issue, many companies are re-evaluating their stances on ethical waste disposal. Go Rubbish Go is at the forefront of eco-friendly waste handling and disposal, and stresses the importance of the safe destruction of e-waste. As more and more people take to recycling their household goods and rubbish, there is a bigger focus on how to dispose of electronic waste in a greener manner. Few people know just how to get rid of their unwanted electricals without harmful ramifications, but as the threat of global warming looms ever closer, there is an undeniable pressure to make sure our rubbish is carefully and safely destroyed.

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E-waste can have a very negative effect on the environment, and it's important to make sure people dispose of their e-waste properly. Unknown to many, electrical goods contain lots of useful components that could be used again in other devices. Just because an old phone or laptop no longer works doesn't mean its parts can't be salvaged to manufacture new goods, and even the metals in e-waste are of value. Simply throwing your e-waste out with your regular rubbish might seem like a good way to save yourself some effort, but this isn't just wasting valuable resources - the effects on the planet are exponential. According to research only 20% of electronic waste is disposed of properly, with a huge 80% going out with daily household waste all over the planet. As more people upgrade their phones or repurchase the latest new gadgets, it's expected that e-waste will increase by around 8% per year.

There are a number of factors that make e-waste so dangerous for the planet, with the first being the electrical components and how toxic they can be. There are a number of chemicals and by-products that are a part of the technological items we use on a daily basis. These include hexavalent chromium, mercury, barium, cadmium and more. If e-waste isn't disposed of effectively, these elements can pollute both our water supplies and the air, making for a more toxic environment for everyone. It's widely believed that in 2017 we will have produced 33% more electronic waste than in 2012, with a net weight the equivalent of the Great Pyramid of Egypt. Most of this waste simply sits in toxic landfills around the world contributing to global warming.

E-waste or electronic waste is the term used for electrical devices that are either non-functional or that are being discarded. We all have e-waste in our homes and offices, ranging from old laptops or desktops that no longer work, to old mobile phone handsets that are outdated or no longer in style. As second-hand electrical stores are becoming a popular place to sell unwanted electricals, some e-waste is being cut-down on, but even working electronics that are no longer needed fall under the bracket of electronic waste. With technology ever changing, and with new computers, video game consoles and mobile phones being released every few months, more and more people are contributing to the increase of e-waste thanks to our consumerist nature and the social obsession of chasing and having the latest technological upgrade.

E-waste is a global problem and has become the largest waste stream on the planet, with a growth rate that is only set to increase over the next ten years. If you recycle your electronic waste the potentially hazardous materials are stripped away, and any reusable components are taken out to be used again, rendering your old and unused goods useful once more. Through this method of re-using and securing waste, recycling companies can ensure that your electronic waste isn't harming the planet or contributing to the ever-growing landfills of toxic waste.

Some waste disposal companies are now wholly committed to the safe and proper disposal of your electronic or electrical waste. If you're considering hiring a waste removal company for your home or office then take the time to ensure that all collected rubbish is effectively handled and suitably recycled wherever possible. GoRubbishGo is one of the rubbish removal companies concerned about the environmental impact of e-waste and it is always dedicated to providing greener clearance services for its customers. Make sure you're doing your bit for the planet and for our environment by disposing of any electrical waste thoroughly and effectively.

In the UK alone over 2 million tonnes of electrical items are discarded each year by both companies and households, and it's imperative that we all work to prevent the spread of toxicity caused by dumping these products. Anything with a plug or battery can be considered e-waste, and should be disposed of responsibly. Find out where you can recycle e-waste in your area by looking online today, or for larger items such as household appliances, hire professional help to ensure the eco-friendly disposal of your waste.

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