QM Series Fuel Meters Deliver Four Times Greater Accuracy than Conventional Mechanical Meters


Wichita, KS -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/12/2016 --FLOMEC® Engineers at Great Plains Industries, Inc. (GPI) are proud to unveil the all-new QM Series Oval Gear Fuel Meters. The series includes two models: the QM 240 for measurements in gallons, and the QM 150 for liters.

"For the QM Series, our goal was to deliver far greater accuracy than is available with conventional fuel meters on the market today," said Jeff Williams, lead engineer for the QM project. "We wanted to dramatically raise the bar on what customers can expect in terms of precision, performance and cost."

The extreme accuracy of the QM Series meter comes from the use of positive displacement oval gear technology. Two oval shaped gears are mounted inside the meter. As fluid flows through the meter it causes the gears to rotate. The passing fluid is measured with every revolution of the gears. This precision technology insures a very repeatable and accurate measurement.

QM Series meters require no calibration and measure diesel fuel or unleaded gasoline to Within + 1/2% across a flow range of 2 to 40 GPM / 8 to 150 LPM. When compared to other conventional mechanical meters, the QM Series is four times more accurate.

In developing the QM Series, FLOMEC engineers also sought to address drive shaft leaks. Seal leaking is completely eliminated by replacing the drive shaft with a magnetic drive, appropriately called the MAG Drive. The MAG Drive is nearly frictionless, resulting in exceptional accuracy at low flows.

As fuel meters must withstand the elements and rigorous daily use, the QM Series features a rugged aluminum construction with a no-rust powder coated finish. A rotatable display mount allows for greater versatility in placement.

The new FLOMEC® QM Series is part of GPI's overall goal to provide the global industrial market with innovative, best-in-class metering products that are also cost-effective. That comes, according to GPI CEO Vic Lukic, from a willingness to explore and implement new technologies and manufacturing methods.

"By combining innovative engineering with U.S. precision manufacturing," said Lukic, "we are able to deliver better performance, lasting quality, and proven reliability in the field."

Benefits / Specifications:

- Positive Displacement Oval Gear Technology for Superior Accuracy
- No Calibration Required
- No Leak/No Seal Frictionless Magnetic Drive (MAG Drive)
- Rotatable Display Mount
- Sturdy Aluminum Construction with No-Rust Powder Coat Finish
- Flow Range: 2 to 40 GPM / 8 to 150 LPM
- Accuracy: Diesel +1/2% (2 to 40 GPM/8 to 150 LPM)
+ 1/4% (15 to 35 GPM/57 to 132 LPM)
- Accuracy: Unleaded +1/2% (2 to 23 GPM/8 to 150 LPM w/o Kit) (23 to 40 GPM/87 to 151 LPM w/*Kit)
+ 1/4% (2 to 20 GPM/8 to 75 LPM w/o Kit) (27 to 40 GPM/102 to 151 LPM w/*Kit)
- Operating Temperature: -40° to 125° F / -40° to 52° C (-20° to 125° F UL)
- Maximum Working Pressure: 50 PSIG / 3.4 Bar
- Pressure Drop (psi): 0 @ 5 GPM / 19 LPM
2.0 @ 20 GPM / 75 LPM (3.0 Diesel)
4.5 @ 40 GPM / 150 LPM (7.0 Diesel)

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