The Konvertible Is the World's Most Versatile Laptop Case, Providing 3 Screens for Maximum Productivity


Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/01/2016 --The Konvertible, the revolutionary new laptop case that gives users the options to use up to 3 screens, is live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

The Konvertible is the world's most innovative and exciting new laptop case capable of allowing up to 3 screens for portable laptop use on the go. The multiple screens allow for the ultimate in efficiency and makes the laptop experience one closer to that of a desktop.

"We believe that having an extra monitors "on the go" can make an individual more organized and productive. Thats why we invented The Konvertible. The first multi screen laptop case to house more monitors for your laptop," says founder and CEO Andy Richter. "In today's ever-growing world, we are constantly on the go and have millions of projects going at one time. With the Konvertible, you can hop around with 3 monitors as if you were working at your desktop! Its the perfect solution for multi-tasking and has the convenience of easily being packed up!"

Other options on the market such as secondary monitor stands, attachments and other products to increase your work space never seem to do the trick because they are too bulky, end up using two hands to carry and are heavy. The Konvertible is slick and portable which allows you to carry all your screens in one case on the go, and takes up half the space. The case is a sleek, minimalist design that eliminates all unnecessary features resulting in a form factor that is beautiful and elegantly simple. Each case will be custom designed by the Konvertible engineering team to ensure each laptop fits perfectly. In addition, the case is also available in multiple colors.

The Konvertible case is the definitive portable laptop solution for all lifestyles. Gamers, college students, traveling for business, stockbrokers, medical professionals, and more can all benefit from the added screen real estate to maximize their ability and efficiency.

"We are a proud new product design start up with the aim of providing simple solutions to everyday problems. The driving force behind us is to revolutionize out interaction with the computer. We feel it our duty to introduce significant innovations into our world to make life more comfortable and efficient," adds Richter.

The Konvertible 3-Screen Laptop is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About The Konvertible
Located in Miami, FL we a proud student run company with the aim of providing simple solutions to everyday problems. The driving force to implement and revolutionize our computer experience. We feel it is our duty to introduce significant innovations in the world we live in to make it happier and productive. 

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