Create Space Announces a New Book for Small and Midsize Companies CEOs

"The Making of a CEO; Helping You Deal With The Issues Of Running Your Company" by Oswald R. Viva. Kirkus calls it a jolt of reality.

North Charleston, SC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/04/2016 --As a CEO you have a lot riding on you. There's a lot on your shoulders when you're at the top of a business. Your employees rely on you—and so do your customers. But to navigate your company to the best of your abilities, you can't always go it alone. Management expert Oswald R. Viva wants to be your coach.

The Making of a CEO; Helping You Deal With The Issues Of Running Your Company gives you practical tips for effectively running your business. Targeting his advice to leaders of small and midsize, Viva shows how to evaluate yourself and your decision-making process to see if you are doing what's best for your organization.

In easy-to-read, simple language, Viva demonstrates how to set goals, communicate effectively and empower your employees. Also included are sections on family businesses and planning for your successor, as well as a business owner's personal road map and exit planning questionnaire.

About Oswald R. Viva
Viva, the founder and president of V&A Management LLC, a consulting business dedicated to helping small and midsize businesses, has more than twenty years of top corporate management experience in large and small companies. Put his experience to work for you.

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