Kickstarter Campaign for Innovative Multi-Tool – The STK – Launched by Kopis Designs


Boulder, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/07/2016 --Kopis Designs has mastered the multi-purpose, Every Day Carry (EDC) tool niche with the STK Project. The functional design company reached their crowdfunding goal for their feature-packed pocket tool, the Sliding Tool and Knife (STK), within hours of launching their campaign on Kickstarter. Now, there are a limited quantity of the first production run tools remaining. Backers still have a chance to get their own compact STK, along with the Rift, a travel-safe, titanium pocket pry tool companion, at the Kickstarter discount price.

The STK is unlike any handheld, multi-tool ever created before. Made from 6A L4V titanium and thoughtfully designed with modern rugged individualism in mind, it is capable of being used for the diverse demands of even the most rigorous lifestyles.

The STK comes with a 3/16" thick blade made from S35VN stainless steel, which includes a top blade for push cuts and a side blade for slicing. Users are always equipped for anything with the built-in bottle opener that doubles as a 1/4" bit driver, the flathead and pry edge feature, a wire-stripper notch, wingnut and O2 valve wrench.

All of these features are neatly designed within the tool's pocket-sized, titanium frame. The design of the sturdy titanium pocket clip also allows the STK to double as a money clip, making it ideal for everyday use. It can be easily strung on the user's key chain with a keyring hole included in the design. The Sliding Tool and Knife's intuitive layout makes it easy to use. Its unique, integrated opening and locking mechanism allows users to safely open, lock, and close the tool using only one hand.

The Rift can be used as a companion or stand-alone pocket pry bar and multi-tool. It is similar in layout and features to the STK, yet has a more minimalist design, which makes for even easier carry.

Kopis Designs collaborated with Vehement Knives and Tuff-Writer Manufacturing to make this project happen. Early backers can still access the special reduced pricing for both the STK and the Rift, as well as discounts for the Anodized or Apocalypse design styles of both tools, ideal for those who prefer a custom look – the metal washing process is done on a by-hand, individual order basis.

To learn more about the STK Project or to support the campaign, and receive one of a range of rewards, from Kopis Design T-Shirts to reduced pricing on the STK and the Rift, visit the company's Kickstarter page, website, or Facebook page.

About Kopis Designs
Kopis Designs was founded by two brothers, Jon and Dave Bahlatzis, in 2016 as a collaborative project, supported by those who believed in the brothers' vision to design and manufacture highly-functional, compact, Every Day Carry (EDC) products. Kopis, which in Greek translates as, "to cut or strike" and was also a type of sword valued in Ancient Greece for its practicality, creates products to meet the demands of the modern, rugged lifestyle, while staying true to the idea of uncompromising form and function by using minimalist, scaled-back styling.

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