Introducing Marriage in Short: A 5 Part Short Film Series on the Comedy of Matrimony

Times are changing, have changed, and will continue to change. Change is constant. Here to document some of the changes and hilarity of marriage is Marriage In Short.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/11/2016 --Marriage has long been part of society but the things that make a relationship work seem to stay the same. Since the beginning of recorded history, marriage has been documented as everything from an expression of love to a strategic point from which to build alliances. Polygamy faded in and out of fashion, a modern phenomenon of adoption has arisen, and other trends have altered the role of marriage in society. Here to make a bit of sense, as well as a bit of nonsense, of it all is a new series that is currently in production titled Marriage In Short. The series is planned to be free to watch and consist of five short films, each about ten minutes long.

The series itself features the same two actors performing in five different settings, as five different couples, facing five different issues. Where a typical film tries to disregard an actor's connection to other movies, Marriage In Short embraces this attribute. As a result watchers are left amazed as they connect to ten characters portrayed by just two people, an effect reminiscent of the shared cast on the hit series American Horror Story. The five different settings are each in different decades, giving a diverse representation of marriage in various times. The timeframes include 1905, 1932, 1963, 1992, and even 2024.

The 1963 episode titled Make Like a Dog has already been released to watch for free online, and the futuristic 2024 episode is up next. The first episode features a couple struggling with infertility who are willing to try anything to pull their relationship out of the dog house. The next episode will revolve around the same actors as they face doomsday while playing two completely different characters. Marriage In Short works to transform plot lines like these from enthralling, to disturbing, to cooky, and ultimately uplifting; a true whirlwind of emotions is packed into just ten minutes. Unfortunately, the next four episodes are not guaranteed the funding(deleted). To remedy this issue the Marriage In Short production team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The campaign has just passed the seventy percent mark and needs help to reach its goal. Contributors will receive anything from a social media shout out, to a themed vintage remote from the first episode, to a place in the credits(deleted), providing a nice start to any budding IMDB page. With the support of readers Marriage In Short aims to produce the entire series and host all five online for free.

To learn more about Marriage In Short, watch part one or support making part two, visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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