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New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/23/2016 has just made it easier for travel businesses to become more competitive, get noticed, and find new customers.

All you have to do is just enlist business in their travel business directory. This will help you get the eyeballs. You can publish all kinds of details about business, like for instance, your products and services, terms, prices, pictures, and contact details.

Start a microsite with Biphoo to improve web presence, which is very important, because a lot of people are now finding a business online and buying over the internet. Often, many would prefer to buy online.

With Biphoo, you can select a model site, or have them custom design one for your unique look and feel. Once microsite is ready, Biphoo will promote it so that your travel business has a better chance of reaching out to the hot potentials.

Yes, people are traveling more than even before, and so have different needs – hotel bookings, flight tickets, and even car rentals, and more. The travel space isn't that simple anymore, thanks to the infusion of technology and growing competition.

The online travel directory is growing fast, but it is extremely competitive.

There are unique needs now because of the already stiff competition. The internet offers unique solutions too that when used well can open new doors for businesses.

The solution offered by is just perfect. You can easily promote your travel agency in many ways with them. Get yourself included in their international travel directory and website that a lot of people visit already, start a microsite, get marketing help, achieve better search engine visibility, and you can attract customers. Biphoo has a team of certified internet marketing professionals who have years of experience.

It's the easier way of standing out on the web for generating real inquiries instead of trying to market the business online on your own.

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