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New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/23/2016 --Google parent Alphabet Inc. announced recently that they have earned 30 percent more revenues from advertisements placed in search engine in the latest quarter of the financial year. This, of course, means that advertisers are spending more to get online traffic. In other words, they have to now spend more to get traffic to their websites, which is not a happy situation for small and mid-sized businesses, as they have limited money and resources.

But paying for internet traffic is not the only option. Search engine optimization costs money too, and this is time consuming as well, making this an unviable alternative for companies that cannot afford to wait for months, and sometimes years. Plus, search engine optimization or SEO cannot guarantee results because only 10 websites can appear in the first page of Google for any keyword., an online advertising agency is now offering a third option, which seems more practical for mid-sized and small businesses at least that want to find out how to promote business online. Their solution is cheaper, and quick. In fact, the results are almost immediate.

To promote business online, all you have to do is just list your website online business directory. It is free, which is a great relief for businesses that have limited resources. There are many categories to choose from, so you can be sure that there is just the right one for your niche. attracts a lot of web traffic already, so you can expect to get traffic as soon as your website is listed online at the directory.

Many people search for such directories because it helps them find multiple businesses at the same place. It saves them time, as they don't need to browse the web to find new businesses. This is why online directories have become so popular in recent times. is a very reputed online advertising agency that has attracted many businesses from around the world. You can try their online directory if you are trying to find how to promote your website. also creates free microsites for businesses of all sizes. There are model sites already you can choose from. These are search engine friendly sites that have a better chance of doing well. It's easy. Just upload the content, all business details, contact information, pictures, and it is ready to go live. Biphoo can also upload it on your behalf. If you prefer a different design for a unique look and feel, then they can create a custom look for your web business.

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Many technology companies are now transforming themselves into online advertising agencies. It's a new trend that is happening worldwide. But is different because they let you advertise for free. Their solutions are certainly amongst the most effective marketing techniques to promote your business. You will rarely find websites that will let you publish online advertisement free. The microsite plan makes it even better, particularly for small and mid-sized enterprises.

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