How iAMpower Is Helping Abuse Victims Worldwide

Domestic abuse is an international health problem. This problem is so pressing that the World Health Organization has listed it as a major issue. Here to help is iAMpower’s latest campaign.


Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/28/2016 --It is no secret that domestic abuse is a major issue in the societies of the developed world. What many do not realize is how prevalent the societal problem is in the rest of the world. In fact, the World Health Organization reports that over one in three women have experienced physical or sexual abuse worldwide.* What is worse is that this violence is the cause of around thirty-eight percent of murders of women worldwide. Here to face this global problem is an equally global push by the iAMpower Foundation. The foundation's vision is "to create a lasting solution to victims of violence by engaging, empowering, educating and enhancing them."

The unfortunate reality is that many abused victims need help to escape their situation. Victims can be emotionally tied to their abusers, which is an especially sad sight. Equally common is fiscal dependence, where the victim feels unable to leave the desolate dynamic due to her inability to support herself. This is often the case as abusers typically prevent the education of their victims, ensuring the construction of a dependent relationship.

To help these individuals in need, the iAMpower foundation conducts outreach programs to liberate those in need. The most vital tool in freeing victims is education. One of the foundation's proudest achievements comes from its work in Trinidad. iAMpower helped eight girls complete their secondary school education. To do so, the girls were relocated to a secure location and given a tutor and counselling. As a result the girls will be able to support themselves throughout their lives. In a similar situation in Guyana, the Foundation was able to free a grown woman from her abuser and provide her with vocational education. Today she is able to live free of abuser and support herself as an employed adult after ten years of domestic abuse. One of iAMpower's clients turned volunteer Director has also received an offer to further her education in the United Kingdom. What's more is that the foundation is constantly taking up new cases, expanding its impact internationally. Additionally, every case is considered as iAMpower has emphasised its inclusive nature, vowing to help a diverse array of problems.

Unfortunately, a project this widespread requires funding to keep alive. To remedy this issue the iAMpower founder Dara Dillon has launched a campaign on Generosity, the non-profit branch of Indiegogo. The foundation is also hosting a T-shirt fundraiser where each T-shirt sold will result in ten dollars towards the prevention of domestic violence. With the support of readers the iAMpower foundation hopes to eliminate abuse worldwide.

To learn more or support the iAMpower foundation visit the Generosity campaign page.

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