The Square Tangles Have Arrived on Earth

Toys are essential to the development of children, giving them a playmate and an educational partner. Here to provide a new series of toys are the 2nd generation aliens: The Square Tangles.


Washington, DC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/06/2016 --Throughout a child's life a stuffed companion can help every step of the way. For babies, a stuffed companion serves as a playmate, allowing the imaginations of little ones to run wild. There are even new brands of toys that are fairly nondescript, giving young ones the opportunity to imagine for themselves. As these little ones grow older the stuffed companions will gain defined personalities and become part of their lives. The companions are the first step to learning about complex topics such as compassion and responsibility. Companion toys can even serve to teach young ones to express themselves. A new generation of toys is here to provide all of these benefits and more: The 2nd generation Square Tangles.

These alien conquerors of worlds have just arrived on earth and want nothing but peace. Although a little rambunctious, ultimately they simply wish to experience the love and care that only a human child can provide. As The Square Tangles are cared for, their owners' imaginations will blossom. Each alien comes with a name and a personality, giving little ones a sort of prompt to develop the rest of the alien's personalities. As for the appearance of The Square Tangles, they are Square shaped beings with a soft exterior. They have expressive eyes, colors, and designs, fitting for their personalities & lore and no two are identical. Some of The Square Tangles even have special abilities like the timid Burt who glows in the dark. Other tangles represent causes like Davee the diplomat whose pink color stands as a symbol to promote breast cancer awareness. Not only do each of The Square Tangles have their own personalities, every single one is made with the highest quality material. They are composed of hypoallergenic fibers and durable cotton and nylon. After their successful landing in the D.C. area, the 2nd generation of The Square Tangles are ready to spread themselves around the world. Unfortunately, The Square Tangles do not have the assets needed to distribute and duplicate themselves. To remedy this issue, they and their human hosts, MQDesigns, have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Patrons will be rewarded with merchandise ranging from a Square Tangles themed book cover to the ability to design and product a Square Tangle and help produce the alien's bio. With the help of human contributors, the aliens will be able to distribute themselves anywhere in the world and help young ones grow as people.

To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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