XICOMM's Global Solutions Keep Making Headlines

XICOMM, LLC is an international voice carrier that has become a global entity in the last decade


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/23/2016 --XICOMM continues to grow and expand in size, services, and global networking solutions in order to power the development and connections among businesses and enterprises. With the interconnection of various carriers and operators all over the world, XICOMM California continues to make headlines with their innovative global networking solutions, proven to help businesses grow.

XICOMM was first established in San Francisco, California in 2008. The company first launched its own dedicated network with the goal to become an international wholesale voice carrier - and this strategy worked. Today, XICOMM is interconnected with over 160 carriers all over the world. As a result of their determination and rapid expansion, XICOMM has become an industry leader in Africa, Middle East, south and pacific Asia and is expanding its network infrastructure into the United States.

XICOMM offers various innovative and strategic communications and network solutions. The team at XICOMM understands that this advanced communication method and technology solution provides businesses with a necessary step to expanding any business. Furthermore, the team at XICOMM also believes that these attributes combined with a sharp viewpoint and a strategic focus is the fuel behind their rapid expansion as a global entity.

The main goal of XICOMM is to meet and exceed customers' demands in the in the most innovative and strategic ways. XICOMM's solutions are based on a combination of the state-of-the-art technology, comprehensive business experience, and the offering of exceptional services and competitive prices globally.

The Gateway to Going Global
With its presence and dominance in strategic places, such as in Africa, Middle East, south and pacific Asia and even the United States, XICOMM has positioned itself as an advanced service provider, allowing businesses to connect with every operator in the world. This presence and ability allows for businesses – startup businesses and established wholesalers – to successfully interconnect with various carriers and operators throughout the telecom industry and community.

XICOMM is known as a reputable and advanced voice carrier and network provider because their innovative and creative technology and communications solutions provide businesses and entities with near perfect uptime. The team at XICOMM has spent years perfecting, testing, and developing its network infrastructure in order to provide cutting edge technologies and global networking solutions for all clients. XICOMM partners with GENBAND, Netapp, and Cisco for its technology solutions.

Powerful Partnerships
In addition to its unique and sophisticated customer service and advanced networking and communications solutions via state-of-the-art technology, XICOMM partners with some of the biggest names in communications today, including T-Mobile, Orange, and Airtel, just to name a few. The team at XICOMM believes that through their experience, determination, and key partnerships and strategic presence is what has helped them expand into the global entity they are known as today.


To learn more about XICOMM, LLC California, its network services and solutions, and how businesses across the globe can connect with a reputable service provider, contact the team today located at the headquarters in California by calling 415-839-1027. Visitors are also encouraged to complete the online request form, or by emailing the team at info@xicomm.com.

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