Top-Rated Dermatologist in New York City Provides Latest Technology in Tattoo Removal

Dr. Morris Westfried uses a new method of tattoo removal to give patients great skin with minimal recovery


Bellmore, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/13/2017 --NYC dermatologist, Dr. Westfried is helping patients achieve great skin even after tattoo removal with the latest technology. He recently introduced the picosecond laser, or pressure-wave device, called the PicoSure® laser to remove tattoos. The procedure takes significantly less time and treatments in comparison to typical laser methods of tattoo removal. PicoSure® laser is a considerably more comfortable form of laser tattoo removal because the procedure does not use heat, which can be more painful, and the recovery does not take as long. The picosecond laser treatment for tattoo removal is proven to be more effective at successfully removing tattoos with minimal scarring. As an experienced dermatologist in the New York City area, Dr. Westfried provides patients with great skin from the PicoSure® laser.

PicoSure® laser effectively removes tattoos through rapid bursts of laser energy, which cause a pressure wave that breaks up ink pigments into miniscule particles. The body then disposes of the tiny pieces naturally. Dr. Morris Westfried understands that some patients may feel uneasy about any kind of procedure, including a laser treatment procedure, and uses a local anesthetic to minimize any pain that might be felt during and after a treatment. After the procedure, Dr. Westfried will also provide a cold compress for comfort, if desired.

Each patient will require a different number of treatments. After a brief consultation with Dr. Westfried, he can determine about how many treatments it will take. Most patients achieve complete tattoo removal within about five treatments, but some patients may have fewer. The size, age, and type of pigments used will determine the time it will take to completely remove the tattoo. The duration of tattoo removal also depends on the level of skill of the tattoo provider because experienced Tattooists do not leave as much damage. No matter the tattoo, Dr. Westfried applies his extensive knowledge in dermatology with the latest technology to effectively provide tattoo removal resulting in great skin for his patients.

The picosecond laser system is proven to be more effective than other lasers because it is more precise and has much less, if any, damage to the tissue adjacent to the treatment area. Although PicoSure® laser is not covered by insurances, it is priced competitively so patients can afford improved, great looking skin done by one of the top dermatologists serving the New York City area. In addition to tattoo removal, the PicoSure® laser is optimal for treating melasma (pigmented skin), wrinkles, acne scars, and many other cosmetic aesthetics.

About Dr. Morris Westfried
Morris Westfried, M.D. is a graduate of Yale University School of Medicine. He is an advisor to the PhotoMedex Laser Company, an adjunct clinical associate professor of dermatology at Touro College of Osteopathy, and was chosen as the top and most compassionate dermatologist by Dr. Morris Westfried is the first to provide the PicoSure® laser to the New York City area. Dr. Westfried has been providing patients with great looking skin for more than 30 years and welcomes new patients every day to either of the two locations in Brooklyn and Bellmore.

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