Introducing EGGO, Next Gen Minimalist Wireless Earbuds

Today, less is more, compactness is valuable, and wires just get in the way. Here to embody this spirit in the form of high-end wireless earbuds is EGGO, providing a new degree of freedom.


Birmingham, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/09/2017 --Ever since Apple announced its future iPhones will not feature headphone ports, the viability of wireless earbuds has always been a question in the back of the public's mind. Company after company from Bose to Skullcandy have tried and effectively failed. These products often failed at the design stage, producing bulky and unattractive earbuds, and the problem of wireless audio quality presented its own set of challenges. Today, an up and coming company by the name WOHO IDEAS has crafted a product named EGGO that amazingly fulfills both the requirements of being low profile and high-quality.

The EGGO earbuds themselves are incredibly minimalistic, yet highly functional. The earbuds are about the size of a penny in circumference and weigh almost nothing at under eight grams. What is even more impressive is that this minimalism comes with no sacrifice in features. The EGGO earbuds are equipped with an integrated microphone, powerful sound profiles, and high-tech signal receivers. Additionally, the earbuds are designed with interchangeable ear tips to provide the best fit for any ear. This design choice alongside the ergonomic structure of each earbud's hard shell serves to make EGGO earbuds both secure and comfortable during wear.

Even under a technical lense, EGGO earbuds are highly advanced. They feature high-quality stereo sound, allowing a sense of immersion, while incorporating Bluetooth 4.1 systems, providing for a ten-metre wireless tether range. With these tools of modern day built into EGGO earbuds, anyone can feel a sense of unrestricted freedom and limitlessness. In turn, EGGO earbuds are useful in a variety of settings, whether that be just listening to music or using the earbuds as a hands-free answering system while driving.

Apart from the earbuds themselves, the EGGO set comes with a carrying case that doubles as a power bank. The power bank features magnetic charging ports for each of the earbuds, allowing quick and efficient charging. This power bank can hold four full charges, each of which provides four hours of continuous usage of the wireless earbuds. As a side benefit, the charging speed provided by the power bank is also phenomenal, restoring an hour of usage time in just fifteen minutes.

Sadly, the cost to produce and distribute this product seems like it may be too much to allow this technological innovation to reach public market. To remedy this issue, the EGGO team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Those interested are encouraged to visit the campaign page to take advantage of the various early bird discounts being offered.

To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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