Usenet Referral Program Expanded at Giganews

Austin, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/24/2006 --Giganews, the world's leading Usenet service provider has expanded its customer referral program. Giganews customers now referring friends and family can link to Giganews via their favorite Usenet forum or website and earn an additional $5 credit toward their personal Giganews account. With the standard referral reward of $15 this means a total of $20 in possible credits for every person they refer.

Traditionally, Giganews customers could refer friends and family by telling their referrals to enter in their Giganews username into the comments section of the Giganews Usenet signup form or by accessing Giganews via a custom URL. Giganews' expanded Usenet referral program allows customers to send referrals to Giganews through Newsgroup related websites and forums via a custom URL and earn an additional $5 credit on their Giganews account for each referral.

"We noticed a lot of our customers evangelizing Giganews in the Usenet community, and we wanted to find a unique way to reward them for the good sentiments." says CEO Jonah Yokubaitis.

Giganews customers wishing to refer friends and family to Giganews through a website or forum may use any of the following URLs: (English) (French) (German) (Dutch) (Spanish)

Replace the "your_login" with your Giganews gn##### login.

As always, Giganews is encouraging its customers to practice good netiquette and to follow the rules of any Usenet forum or website they participate in.

Giganews is continuing to expand its service offerings and customer rewards to improve the overall experience of the Giganews service.

For details on Giganews' expanded Usenet referral program Giganews customers can visit

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