Help Save the Planet with the "Living Across the Rainforests" Documentary

Rainforests are the planet’s most important and fragile ecosystems. Luckily, the crew behind Living Across the Rainforests is here to raise awareness to protect and fight for these natural wonders.


Lima, Peru -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/13/2017 --Rainforests are some of the most beautiful places on Earth. The diverse array of lush plants alongside the exotic animals combine to create a truly wondrous and unmatched ecosystem. And besides their value as beautiful spaces to be explored and appreciated, rainforests also serve as regulators for the Earth's climate. The large numbers of plants present in rainforests act as filters, sucking up carbon dioxide - a harmful greenhouse gas - and producing breathable oxygen. Rain forests also serve as heat sinks, and as such prove integral to regulating global temperatures. In addition to their environmental value, rainforests are also vital to several cultures around the world. These groups have lived in and around the rainforest for thousands of years, and as such their cultures and ways of life are deeply intertwined with the forests around them.

Sadly, rainforests are in danger due to population growth, which often involves clear cutting acres of forest to make way for people, as well as industrialization, which dumps pollutants into the water and air, killing plants and animals. Luckily, dedicated men and women are fighting for the rainforest by documenting its wonders and pushing for greater protections for these natural wonders. One such group is the crew behind "Living Across The Rainforests", an upcoming documentary that will teach about the rainforest's wonders and how they can be preserved for the future.

"Living Across The Rainforests" will document a year-long journey across four different rain forests. Each forest is in a different continent and country, and as such the flora, fauna, and people present differ greatly between locations. However, the goal at each stop is the same: meet the people, observe the rainforest, and learn how the two can live in harmony. The crew hopes to achieve this by looking at the ways locals have lived over the years, then applying new technology and techniques that can help the people modernize while still staying low impact and eco friendly. Special care will be taken in order to assure that these changes will not replace the existing cultures and ways of life maintained by these people for thousands of years, but instead will merely integrate with these vital parts of their existence. Another main part of the documentary is conducting research on sustainable architecture, with special focus put on creating new techniques that will allow population growth and expansion to occur without destroying the rainforests. By creating a documentary that highlights both the wonders of rainforests and the people that call them home, all while proposing new ways to protect both, the "Living Across the Rainforests" crew hopes to give a hard push towards modernization without sacrificing culture and sustainability.

"Living Across the Rainforests" has the opportunity to inspire real change in how rainforests are protected; however, one major roadblock still stands in the crew's way: funding. Traveling across the world in order to film a documentary is an expensive endeavour, so the team has turned to Kickstarter in order to finish funding their documentary. The crew has already put tremendous amounts of time and money into this documentary, in the hopes of inspiring change for the rain forests they love and the people that call them home. So with reader support, this documentary can become a reality, allowing the crew to fully conduct their research and cause change for the better.

For more information, visit the "Living Across the Rainforests" Kickstarter page.

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