XICOMM Offers High-Quality VOIP Services for Businesses


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/13/2017 --In today's digitally-driven world, every consumer and business likely uses some form of mobile communications technology and data service. As a result, the demand for on-the-go mobile technology and communications services is higher than ever before, ultimately rendering "land lines" and fax lines obsolete. Although many consumers and businesses still rely on a phone line, dropped calls and "out of service" areas can make completing a call incredibly frustrating.

As a result, many consumers and businesses are taking advantage of VOIP services, which involve using a broadband Internet connection to place calls rather than a traditional phone service. In fact, VOIP services are becoming more popular and attractive than a traditional phone line due to the wide range of features. Some features include software phones, call routing and recording, SMS text and even video conferencing capabilities, all of which are proven to highly beneficial for many small businesses.

XICOMM, LLC is an international voice carrier that specializes in providing a number of communications solutions, including providing networking services, cloud switching, and even VOIP services. The mission behind XICOMM is to help businesses grow via an interconnection of carriers and operators all over the world.

XICOMM, LLC was originally established in San Francisco, California. In less than a decade, XICOMM expanded into the international wholesale voice carrier giant they are known as today. Today XICOMM is affiliated with more than 160 carriers all over the world and has even become industry leaders in Africa, Middle East and south and pacific Asia. As a result, the XICOMM infrastructure has become one of the most advanced communications and solutions provider globally.

About VOIP Services
As mentioned above, VOIP services provide a number of benefits for small businesses, including a wide range of call and video conferencing features for busy, on-the-go entrepreneurs. Additionally, there are also business-grade VOIP services available for larger businesses and enterprises.

There are a number of VOIP service providers today with Skype and Polycom being two of the most well known. However, XICOMM is also a leading carrier of VOIP services. Furthermore, XICOMM believes in working with businesses of all shapes, sizes, and industries to help them implement the most powerful VOIP services and communication platform that best suits them.

Additionally, the team at XICOMM understands that communication is more important than ever today, especially for businesses. This is why the team goes above and beyond to help them find the best possible VOIP and communications solution that is the best fit for each client and to also educate each business on the value and benefits of VOIP services.

The Foundation of Advanced Communications for Businesses. In addition to their sophisticated customer service, XICOMM goes above and beyond to meet and exceed customers' needs and demands by offering individualized, creative communications solutions, including VOIP services.

XICOMM's VOIP services and solutions are built upon the combination of state-of-the-art technology, comprehensive business experience, and extreme knowledge of the telecom and communications industry. The team at XICOMM believes that these attributes combined with a sharp viewpoint and a strategic focus is the fuel behind their ability to provide businesses with high-quality VOIP services.


To learn more about XICOMM, LLC California as well as their range of network services and solutions, including VOIP services, contact the team today located at the headquarters in California by calling 415-839-1027. Visitors are also encouraged to complete the online request form, or by emailing the team at info@xicomm.com.

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