Introducing Speednite, the Ultimate Nighttime Cycling Tool

Sadly, road biking as a means of transport or exercise can be dangerous at night. Here to make nighttime cycling safe and enjoyable is Speednite, a self-adjusting safety light and cycling computer.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/14/2017 --Any cyclist knows the importance of safety when riding alongside cars. This importance is only exacerbated at night when visibility is at its lowest. Additionally, veteran cyclists know that reflectors simply are not effective enough as personal safety tools. After all, reflectors are only visible under certain conditions. To meet these conditions, a car's headlights are often already on the cyclist, rendering the reflectors useless. To allow a cyclist to be seen before a car is already headed towards him or her, bikes need to be equipped with lights. Today, Kim Leung Luk and his team are unveiling their latest invention named the Speednite. Through the incorporation of modern motion sensors, connectivity options, and more, the Speednite is clearly one of the most advanced lighting setups in development.

The core feature of the Speednite is its ability to adapt to the position of the rider when cycling. Like drivers, cyclists periodically check their immediate surroundings as well as what is far down the road. However, a static lighting setup will not be able to illuminate all of these areas. To remedy this issue the Speednite acts as the first dynamic bicycle lighting setup. Through an advanced motion sensor, the Speednite accurately tracks where the rider is pointing his or her head and shines the 800 lumens headlight in that direction. As a result, cyclists have adaptive and full visibility. As a secondary safety mechanism, the motion sensor is also able to detect abrupt and abnormal motions, at which point the Speednite realizes a crash has occurred and calls the preset emergency contact.

The Speednite also incorporates several essential features. Foremost, the Speednite acts as a cycling computer, tracking speed, heart rate, cadence and more when a phone is paired. Additionally, the Speednite has incorporated automatically activated lazer turn signals. These signals shine a bright red line on the ground, indicating the cyclist's intentions and are activated by the naturally occurring turn of the cyclist's head. What's more is that all of the motion-detected features can be activated manually through a handlebar-attached remote as a failsafe mechanism.

Unfortunately, the Speednite team does not currently have the funds to begin mass production of the Speednite. To remedy this issue, the team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Contributors will be rewarded with early-bird pricing on the Speednite itself as well a variety of accessories. With the support of readers, the Speednite will become the safest and most advanced bicycle lighting system on the market.

To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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