Introducing Medshift X-Change, the Scheduling App for Medical Teams

For a medical team, there is little worse than having to cancel swathes of patients because of a missing staff member. Here to help prevent this situation is a new app named Medshift X-Change.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/15/2017 --In the world of medicine, staff need to be especially accountable for the actions and their hours. However, there are always unforeseen circumstances that can cause a medical staff member to miss a shift. In turn, the staff manager has to scramble to find a replacement or face drops in patient satisfaction. This process of finding a temporary replacement or another staff member to pick up an extra shift results in a slew of emails and text messages in what quickly becomes an extremely tedious process. Something as simple as trading shifts should not have to be so difficult. What's worse is that this missing of a shift can be harmful for both the health and the satisfaction of patients. Today a new program by the name of Medshift X-Change is here to make shift swapping easier with a streamlined design.

With a practice's implementation of Medshift X-Change comes a plethora of benefits. For the patient, he or she will be able to see a care provider quicker and with more consistency thanks to Medshift X-Change as easier shift exchanges will ensure that there is always a care provider on staff. As for the users of the app, medical staff will be able to more easily trade their shifts, working out the best schedules for themselves and quickly adapting to unexpected situations. Additionally, the newfound ease of shift swapping will allow medical professionals to feel less pressure to take their shift even if they are mentally exhausted, over stressed, or feeling ill. As a result, the patient will receive higher quality care. Additionally, staff managers will no longer have to deal with the headache that comes with a staff member being unable to make his or her shift.

The app itself will work on a system of requests. Within the Medshift X-Change app, care providers can easily post a shift that they are unable to cover and everyone who is able to cover the shift will be notified. Next, the replacement simply accepts the shift and everything continues to run smoothly. There is no headache for staff management, care givers, or the patient.

Sadly, this app requires funding to continue development. To remedy this issue the Medshift X-Change team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Those who support the campaign will be treated to a free e-book alongside the thanks of the those developing the Medshift X-Change app. With the help of readers, the Medshift X-Change team hopes to make shift exchanging more fluid than ever, saving thousands of hours of headache across the globe.

To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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