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Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/15/2017 --Poor posture is an issue that plagues millions of Americans, causing back pain and a host of other complications. Perfectore Corp. aims to help solve this problem with its new wearable posture strengthening device, the ERGO Posture Transformer.

The ERGO works by holding your body in proper spinal alignment. It accomplishes this by providing support to the mid-back vertebrae in order to prevent the wearer from slouching and rounding the shoulders throughout the day. It works in both seated and standing positions, making it an ideal solution for wear at the office and at home.

Perfectore Corp. recommends wearing the ERGO Posture Transformer for one to six hours each day to retrain the back and spine while strengthening and stretching the muscles that contribute to proper posture. Over time, the wearer will have better posture even when not wearing the device. This will also help to relieve and reduce neck, back and shoulder pain that is often the result of poor posture.

The ERGO is fully adjustable so that it can be worn by just about anyone. It can alleviate up to 70 pounds of pressure off of the wearer's spine while correcting posture by balancing the head. By holding the shoulders back and down, the ERGO helps the wearer to open up their chest and makes sitting upright without slouching easy and comfortable.

In order to raise money to fund the first round of mass production for the product, Perfectore Corp. has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to generate funds. The campaign will run until April 7, 2017, almost certainly generating significantly more than its current total of over $200,000. Nearly 1,650 backers have contributed to the campaign thus far.

To thank backers for their contributions, Perfectore Corp. is offering a series of rewards. Starting with a donation of just $89, early bird backers will receive an ERGO Posture Transformer at $50 off the estimated retail price of $149.95. Those who don't make it into the early bird round can still get a discounted ERGO for a $129 contribution. Perfectore Corp. aims to begin shipping early bird rewards in May 2017, with the full production run being completed in September 2017.

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