Miller, Stark, Klein & Associates Alleviates Business Clients' Fears of Debt Collection


Charlotte, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/20/2017 --Managing finances, cash flow, and account receivables are indubitably the most challenging areas of running a business. In fact, the majority of small businesses fail within the first five years due to poor or insufficient cash flow management. Therefore, it's important for business owners and entrepreneurs to closely manage accounts receivables to mitigate financial risks.

However, small businesses and entrepreneurs know that they only have so much control over when a customer pays them. In fact, many businesses end up waiting months and months to receive a payment from a customer, if they see payment at all! Default invoices and/or past-due customer accounts are enough to ruin a small business, particularly a small business that is still in the startup phase.

As a result, many businesses reach out to collection agencies for help. However, many businesses are hesitant to do this in fear of turning over their accounts to a third party or in fear of paying excessive fees that they likely cannot afford. Working with a reputable debt collection firm can help ease these fears and concerns and help customers recoup past-due payments.

About Miller, Stark, Klein & Associates
Miller, Stark, Klein and Associates is a debt collection and debt mediation firm that provides a wide range of accounts receivable solutions for businesses. The team at Miller, Stark, Klein and Associates has over 75 years of combined experience in finance and debt collections and has partnered with hundreds of businesses to help them with their debt collection needs.

Unlike other competing debt collection agencies, the team at Miller, Stark, Klein and Associates takes a professional approach to debt collection. Their professional approach to debt collection is not only ethical and compliant with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) mandated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), it is also proven to help clients recoup losses from past-due client accounts and improve their bottom lines.

Common Fears of Working with a Debt Collection Agency. As mentioned above, many businesses are hesitant about working with a debt collection agency for various reasons, including:

- The fear of turning customer accounts over to a third party
- The fear of being charged excessive and exorbitant commissions and fees
- The fear of the debt collection process as a whole
- The fear of losing even more money in the long run

Of course these are all viable fears. However, it's important for businesses to remember that as past-due and/or delinquent accounts age, businesses are less likely to be able to collect a debt.

Partnering with a reputable debt collection agency will alleviate these fears and concerns and help businesses successfully collect debts.

How Miller, Stark, Klein & Associates Can Help

The team at Miller, Stark, Klein and Associates understands business' concerns with working with a debt collection agency. This is why the firm operates on a contingency basis with businesses in order to avoid over-charging clients that are trying to collect debts.

Additionally, the team at Miller, Stark, Klein and Associates is dedicated and committed to improving clients' financial positions, not making them worse. The team is in the business to help move clients forward in the most professional and effective way possible ensuring a healthier financial future.


The team at Miller, Stark, Klein and Associates has a successful track record of helping businesses recover bad debts from past-due and/or delinquent accounts. Regardless of the size, scope or industry of the business, the team at Miller, Stark, Klein and Associates is experienced in helping businesses successfully recover debts.

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