DCM Platforms Offer Ultra-Conservative Risk Profiles


Dubai, United Arab Emirates -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/21/2017 --It is no secret that investors are extremely careful with their investments today. With fraudulent practices and less-than-reputable traders and other firms, investors are constantly researching and looking for the best possible financial solution for their investments while also keeping risks low. The solution lies within the investment strategy.

Dubai Capital Management (DCM) specializes in managed investment strategies and believes in providing clients and investors with 24/7 access to their portfolios and accounts. The team at DCM is experienced in finances, portfolio and investment management, and technology – a combination of skills and creativity that enables DCM to provide clients with the best possible investment strategy and high-quality financial solution.

DCM Pro and DCM Elite accounts were designed to offer an ultra-conservative risk profile on behalf of clients. Both funds are exclusively investing into the following three investment products: corporate bonds, government bonds, and commodities (gold, silver, and copper), which have proven to maximize investor returns, far exceeding market standards.

About Dubai Capital Management (DCM)
Dubai Capital Management (DCM) is an investment management company that specializes in providing portfolio and investment management services and solutions for investors of all sizes and industries. DCM was originally established in 2010 by two former Swiss bankers who were set on a mission to make a difference in the financial services industry.

The two bankers believed that in order to change the industry and in how investments were managed, they believed that there was no better city to establish their firm than in Dubai. Through the years, DCM has made wealth protection and asset growth the primary focus.

Approximately seven years later, DCM has become a dynamic investment company operating in three countries, with offices in the United States, Germany, and China. DCM also manages more than $250 million in investor accounts for more than 400 clients in 36 different countries.

DCM Pro and DCM Elite

Managed Investments and Portfolio Composition that Change Everything. DCM offers clients and investors two different accounts for investment management: DCM Pro and DCM Elite. Both accounts are managed by professional traders to ensure that investors achieve the best possible returns. Each account provides clients and investors with on-the-go control and access and a capital guarantee to ensure clients that their investments are fully secured.

As mentioned above, the DCM Pro and DCM Elite account types were designed to offer an ultra-conservative risk profile. By investing funds into top investment grade corporate bonds; A+ or higher government bonds; and gold, silver, and copper commodities, this diversified portfolio is likely see higher returns and a higher overall performance, including a 3 percent average monthly return, 136 percent accumulated ROI, and 95 percent positive monthly results. Furthermore, DCM funds are among the most successful in the industry.

All in all, by partnering with DCM, clients and investors gain access to a secure 24/7 accessible platform by opening a DCM Pro or DCM Elite account, which enables them to manage and access their accounts at any time, giving them total control.


To learn more about DCM's account management services or to get set up on the new client dashboard, email the team today. Email queries are responded to within 24 hours. Potential clients are also welcome to call or email DCM's offices located in the United States, Germany, and China.

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