Introducing the Indestructible Visor Clip, a Must-Have Car Accessory

Very few cars have sunglass holders, resulting in far too many misplaced and broken sunglasses. Here to remedy this issue is an incredibly durable sunglass clip for any car.


Eagle Mountain, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/28/2017 --Everyone appreciates just how valuable a cup holder can be. But when a cup holder is filled with clutter like spare change, paper clips, or sunglasses, it is not nearly as useful as when it is holding a cup. The vast majority of cars provide slots and compartments for spare change and other small items, but few provide well-designed sunglass holders. As a result, sunglasses often end up in cupholders, taking up valuable space, or worse, in the footwell of cars, where they will be neglected and eventually broken or at the very least dirtied. Here to provide a solution to this issue is an up and coming company's latest creation: the Indestructible Visor Clip. Through a suspension-based, one piece design, the Indestructible Visor Clip is both universal and durable.

The device itself works by attaching to any car visor via a small clip on the backside of the device. On the front of the device is a hook that is designed to securely hold sunglasses by the bridge, ensuring that the Indestructible Visor Clip can accommodate any pair of sunglasses. As an added benefit, the sunglasses simply rest on the hook with the lenses free in the air. This avoids any scratching or other damage that may happen to lenses of glasses if they are stored in an improper compartment. Additionally, the adaptive design of the Indestructible Visor Clip allows it to accommodate even reading glasses. This feature is especially useful for those who are required to have a pair of glasses to drive.

In terms of design, the Indestructible Visor Clip is both elegant and durable. As a one-piece design, it is incredibly simple, yet immensely useful. In turn, the Indestructible Visor Clip is durable even in the most extreme of circumstances including the heat of a car on a sunny day as well as the weight of a car running over it. Thanks to the flexibility of the material and design, the product is virtually indestructible.

Sadly, to produce a product this innovative requires capital to mass produce and polish. To remedy this issue, the Indestructible Visor Clip team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Through the campaign, supporters can pre-order clips for far below retail value. With this support, no one will face the hassle of finding a convenient spot for a pair of glasses to rest safely in a car.

To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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