KEN LLP Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Levitating Bluetooth Speaker, LEVI SOUND


Wakayama Prefecture, Japan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/11/2017 --The LEVI SOUND is an innovative new Bluetooth speaker that can sync with users' smartphones and other devices equipped with Bluetooth technology. The speaker levitates over a circular base, thus reducing vibration and other sound distortion within the speaker itself for sound that is crisp and clear.

The speaker provides a futuristic look that is visually pleasing. The floating sphere gently bobs and rotates while users play their favorite music. The LEVI SOUND has a maximum output of 3W, producing strong bass, crisp treble and crystal clear sound.

The speaker itself is intuitive and easy to use. Once users have connected the speaker to their smartphone or other Bluetooth device, they can operate the speaker by tapping the buttons on top of the sphere. This enables them to adjust the volume, play the next song or pause the current song.

With smartphones, the speaker has even more functionality besides just playing music. It also allows users to make hands-free calls. If a phone call comes in while the user is listening to music with the LEVI SOUND, the device will pause the song to play the user's ringtone. It will also read out the phone number of the person who is calling. Users can simply tap the call button on the top of the speaker to answer the call and speak in hands-free mode.

The speaker achieves its ability to levitate through a powerful neodymium magnet in its base. This means that the speaker itself is also magnetic, letting users mount it on any magnetic surface, wherever they go. The speaker is capable of syncing with devices up to 10 meters away without any interference in between, giving users great flexibility in where they choose to use it.

The creators of LEVI SOUND have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Mirai Mode, a crowdfunding platform based in Japan. The campaign has a funding goal of $40,000, which it must meet by the end of the campaign on April 27. At the time of this release, the campaign had generated more than $1,300 towards that goal.

Early backers of the project will receive a LEVI SOUND speaker for contributions of $138 or more. This represents $20 off the expected retail price. KEN LLP aims to begin shipping rewards to backers in July 2017.

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