Introducing SLIDERTOP, the Incredibly Convenient Sliding Truck Bed Cover

Any seasoned truck owner knows that a truck bed cover is one of the most essential truck accessories. Today a new product by the name of SLIDERTOP is here to present a sliding truck bed cover that is both stylish and convenient.


Omaha, NE -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/16/2017 --Trucks today can come equipped with a variety of accessories, ranging from bike racks to rear bumpers. All of these accessories serve a purpose, but few are as pivotal as a truck bed cover. These bed covers serve to add a layer of security for the goods in the back any truck while keeping the naturally stylish appearance of the truck's design. Sadly, many truck beds covers are a pain to open and close. What's worse is that the majority of these covers only open from the tailgate end of the truck, effectively limiting the usable storage space in the truck bed. To remedy this issue is a truly revolutionary sliding panel design that has never been implemented before. This sliding design is embodied by a new product named SLIDERTOP, providing a fully-protective and low-profile truck bed cover while offering a massive upgrade in the realm of convenience.

The SLIDERTOP is a patented system primarily made of three or more high-grade, aluminum panels. These panels rest above the truck bed and form the cover. To open or close the cover, users can simply slide these panels over one another as each panel can fit inside one of the other panels. As a result, it is easy for the truck owner to access the goods in the bed of the truck without having to do any heavy lifting. As an added benefit, this sliding mechanism means that the cover can be opened from either the cab side of the truck or the tailgate side, meaning that truck owners can access goods at either end of the bed with equally minimal effort.

In addition to this accessibility, users will find that the truck bed cover exhibits all of the standard benefits of a typical cover and more. The cover keeps goods in the bed during trips, it keeps goods safe from thieves, it keeps goods safe from the weather, and it even adds a bit of structure to the bed of the truck. Additionally, the Slider Top team is committed to keeping all of its executive and manufacturing operations within the United States, helping to create jobs in the local community of Omaha, Nebraska. To fund this production, the Slider Top team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter where supporters can pre-order a SLIDERTOP set-up at a massive discount. With this support, the Slider Top team is excited to be helping truck drivers everywhere while creating jobs in their hometown.

To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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