PIGA Inc. Present the Very First Minimalist Footgear Integrating a Plantar Arch-Support Patented Technology for All Barefoot Activities

Find balance with PigaONE, an innovative footwear to stabilize and strengthen the feet to feel and do better while doing barefoot sporting activities.


Montreal, QC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/12/2017 --PIGA Inc. is ready to make its mark in the world of fitness and wellness with the very first minimalist footwear suitable for all low-to-medium impact activities that are done barefoot. Whether it's yoga, Pilates, martial arts, aquatic or outdoor activities, you can now benefit from the positive impact of physical activity while wearing technology-fueled PigaONE©.

PIGA Inc. launched its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign this week to fund the mass production and marketing of the first pairs of PigaONE©. Contributors are invited to order their pair of PigaONE© of which the first 1000 pairs will be delivered in August. After the campaign, the footwear will be available online as well as at selected local sales outlets."Our objective was to offer a minimalist footwear sporting an attractive design that met the unique needs of barefoot sports enthusiasts for whom support and stability are essential for improved balance," said Sandra Tremblay, President, and founder of PIGA Inc. "Integrating a flexible arch-support system into a second skin slipper capable of strengthening the feet by neuromuscular activation, whether before, during or after training, is totally unprecedented."

PIGA Inc. received financial support for the research and development of its patented PostureForceTMplantar arch-support technology developed thanks to the invaluable contribution of a doctor in podiatric medicine and the Collegial Center for the Transfer of Apparel Technology, VestechPro. Determined to focus on research and development in footwear technology, PIGA Inc. is planning to bring out many novel products dedicated to fitness and well-being in the near future.

An innovation in the world of fitness and wellness

Flexible and adjustable, PigaONE© technical footwear is made of technologically-advanced German-made fabrics and features a non-slip sole. PigaONE© came to fruition after two years of research to integrate the patent-pending PostureForceTM technology. A technology which targets and strengthens the plantar arch by stimulation of the feet's nervous endings - who are responsible for transferring neuromuscular information prompting the body to keep its standing position.

Sporting an innovative design, PigaONE© builds on the body's innate ability to engage the proper postural reflexes while engaging in barefoot activities. Clinical trials have shown that PigaONE© helped to better ground the weight-bearing areas of the feet for improved posture while diminishing the body unbalance that can be experienced while moving.

The benefits of PigaONE© can be felt as they are put on. The feet are aligned in proper position, improving the center of gravity for optimal body positioning. Wearing PigaONE© prevents feeling unbalanced while practicing sports activities, whether at the studio, the gym or even in the water. The upper part of the body is impacted by gaining more freedom of movements for less grueling training.

Healthy feet with PigaONE©

We tend to forget that each of our feet is composed of 28 bones, 38 muscles, 35 articulations and 56 ligaments! The feet are the most strategic elements of our biomechanics. They allow us to stand, to spin around ourselves and maintain our balance. Without strong, healthy feet, a lot of the activities we do daily can become difficult, if not impossible to do.

The feet's mechanics may falter, often for being underused, stressed by ill-fitting shoes, injuries or excess weight. Throughout their lives, nearly 8 out of 10 people will experience foot pain, which can in many cases impact their ability to walk, participate in sports, or even remain standing.

To keep our feet alert and healthy, we need to strengthen our muscles by doing physical activity and maintain optimal posture. Wearing PigaONE© when wandering barefoot is also a good habit to develop even on lazy days around the house.

Wearing PigaONE© is promoting body balance for improved wellness.

The Company helps people improve their posture by designing universal foot-based activation gear for the sports and therapeutic markets. We are dedicated in helping our clients achieve the great things they already do, starting with our first product PIGAOne©. At PIGA, we are thinking further into the future and elaborating a whole line of products based on the PostureForceTM technology. We are determined to focus on research and development in footwear technology. It's our mission to bring our clients novel products dedicated to fitness and well-being that call on the body's intelligence to improve performance and overall well-being.

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