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Marysville, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/22/2017 --A person does not see hoarding cleanup services on every Seattle street corner. This is a very specialized field of endeavor, and it takes a particular brand of professional expertise to be able to provide hoarding solutions.

When items have been accumulating for years, the spaces underneath are not going to be cleaned, and various different types of biohazardous waste can be present. The removal process can be dangerous, and there are certain sanitization techniques that must be implemented. Plus, a comprehensive hoarding cleanup service will respond to animal hoarding scenarios, and this can add to the complexity on multiple levels. Careful handling and removal is very important, and there are certifications that are required.

There are some communities that simply have nowhere to turn, because there are no hoarding cleanup services available to them. However, people who live in many parts of Washington State are fortunate, because The Evergreen State is the home of Compassion & Comfort Care Cleaning. This is a company that was founded by Theresa Borst years ago, and it continues to grow outward, because the solutions that they provide are in such high demand. They serve Seattle and all of Western Washington.

Hoarders are faced with severe challenges when they decide that things have gone too far. The simple act of acceptance is very hard to embrace for people who have these tendencies, but there can also be a sense of embarrassment. Many are reluctant to call a hoarding cleanup service because they don't want to reveal the situation to anyone else, and this is not hard to understand.

The name of Theresa Borst's hoarding cleanup service says a lot about their intentions. She has always been well aware of the fact that people who have a hard time letting go of items are in an emotionally vulnerable situation. Compassion & Comfort Care Cleaning is a company that has a passion for truly empathetic service. Anyone who is looking for a kind, nonjudgmental hoarding cleanup service in Seattle or any surrounding Western Washington community should not hesitate to reach out them.

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Compassion and Comfort Care Cleaning has been providing hoarding cleanup services in the greater Seattle area for years.

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